Leo Ku's Hong Kong Concert Louis Koo Hawick Lau Replays The Legend of Five Tigers

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Live for a long time! Leo Ku Louis Koo Hawick Lau's “We We World Tour” Concert

On the evening of May 13th, Leo Ku's "We We World Tour" Special Edition of Hong Kong Station entered the fourth game. Leo Ku invited friends Louis Koo, Elizabeth Carling , Hawick Lau and He Yuanheng as guest performers. The "New Five Tigers" reappeared the legendary chorus "Love of the Year." In the melody landing room, the past old photos also appeared on the big screen, instantly evoked the memories of the audience, the concert changed seconds million people KTV, users have said: "This wave of memories to kill the warm we eat!" During the performance of the four guests alone, they also performed Louis Koo's “Fashion of the Time” and pushed the atmosphere to a peak, which is the highest number of guest performers in Leo Ku’s special concert in Hong Kong so far.


This time, the " We " world tour Hong Kong station even opened five games. More than a combination of grasshoppers, Vivian Chow , and Chinese king Andy Lau and Louis Koo, Elizabeth Carling, Hawick Lau, and He Yuanheng as guest performers help Leo Ku; Zhao Wei , Joey Yung , Charlene Choi , Deep Ng , Du Weiwei Couples, Moses Chan , Sherman Chung , Chen Kai, and other friends in the circle have also appeared in support. This heavyweight big coffee friend lineup has confirmed Leo Ku in the circle for many years of "good karma"!

I have to mention that one of the most attractive aspects of Leo Ku's "We We World Tour" Hong Kong Station Special Edition is the re-enactment of the old photos with the performing guests. This kind of friendly memories will always kill fans. Join Leo Ku on a “time machine” to travel through time and space, return to the past, and regain memories. It is reported that Leo Ku played in the red hall and in five consecutive sings seven years later. This is not only the mission of Leo Ku as a singer, but also his absolute enthusiasm for music.

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