Louis Koo was asked by a woman, Louis Koo was asked by a strange woman for one million

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The tree has a big style, this idiom has a long history, meaning that after people are famous, they will attract many right and wrong. In particular, many celebrities have a deep understanding of the words of the tree. Recently, well-known actor Louis Koo attended the "Liu Xiongxiong Charity Foundation" activity. Originally, this kind of activity was a good thing, and the positive energy of the society was promoted. Unexpectedly, an unexpected incident occurred at the end of the activity. A woman broke through the barrier formed by security guards. The poster was taken nearby to attract the attention of Louis Koo. The poster read the big word "seeking grace" and wrote a lot of small characters. After careful observation, her father was seriously ill and had no way to borrow 1 million yuan from Louis Koo. When Louis Koo stated that the security guards swarmed away and took the woman away.


The woman wrote her name and address on the poster and named her name to Louis Koo. She told the crowd that she and her father were sick. She had two tumors in her body and her father’s pelvis appeared. The situation, before the beating in Guangzhou failed, can not find much money, seeing the treatment is hopeless, and nowhere to find Louis Koo to borrow money.


Louis Koo, who is good at charity, knows that someone has borrowed one million from himself and expressed deep concern that she is afraid that the woman is a fraudster. Louis Koo announced afterwards that he would arrange for colleagues to understand the situation of women borrowing money. If a woman is seriously ill with her father, she will try her best to help. The netizens did not do it, but criticized the woman’s moral abduction against Louis Koo. Louis Koo is rich, he can get a million, but if he sets this precedent, tens of thousands of patients in China will borrow money from him. He is no longer able to afford money from the national patients.


Louis Koo was born on October 21, 1970 in Hong Kong, China, Hong Kong actor and singer.

In 1993, Louis Koo signed a TVB to enter the entertainment industry. In 1995, he became the actor for the first time in the martial arts drama "The Condor Heroes", and he became famous as Yang. In 1999, he won the TVB's most popular actor award at the TVB Wanxinghui Awards Ceremony with the criminal investigation drama "Detective Archives 4". . In 2000, with the villain Zhang Zili in the family drama "Genesis", I won the TVB Awards Ceremony. In 2001, I won the TVB 10,000 Stars Awards Ceremony for my 2nd time through the costume " Find Qin Kee ". In 2017, starring in action film " Paradox ", won the Asian Film Awards, the 37th Hong Kong Film Awards and the Hong Kong Film Directors Association's Best Actor Award

In 2014, the company established the “Tianxia ONE COOL” company and invested in “The Principals of Five Children” and “Disant Thunder” movies.

In addition to performing arts, he is passionate about charity. Louis Koo established the “Louis Koo Charity Foundation” in 2009. By the end of 2015, Louis Koo had donated more than 80 schools in Guizhou and other places in the name of “Louis Koo Charity Fund” [10] On the list of "2017 China Charity Celebrity List TOP30".

Louis Koo has a lot of schools, and now he has not stopped the pace of doing good deeds. He is still building money every year. Such a good man will inevitably attract some people who like moral kidnapping. The aforementioned woman who borrowed one million from Louis Koo has already opened this precedent. Netizens do not want Louis Koo to lend money to the woman. Instead, I hope that the woman will find a charity for help.

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