Nicholas tse is tired of korean pop fans' worship of male stars' without makeup' naming louis koo nicky wu tong zhang

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In recent years, China's entertainment industry seems to have suddenly taken the Korean style as a lighthouse. There are many Korean delicacies everywhere. Painful definitely meditate, when does a man become more fond of makeup than a girl, his words and deeds are less domineering and rigid.

Recently, has been cold, resolute, strong image of peopleNicholas TseIn the program, I can't help lamenting that too many people blindly follow the "Korean wind", so that more and more people come to Yue Yu to follow the crowd, without any opinions, no hormones that men should have, and damage the characteristics that men should have. He said that he hates Korean style, and that hormonal men, there should be a kind of domineering, there should be men's yingqi.

This statement, attracted a lot of heated discussion, many net friends expressed approval, to the heavy makeup, words and deeds feminine manner of the man has no good feeling, entertainment circle today's small fresh meat lack of the spirit of sunshine. Some netizens directly named the standard man's appearance, should be likeLouis Koo,Nicky Wu,,Wu Jing (actor),Tong Zhang,Like that.

First, look at Nicholas Tse. He was a singer, an actor, a chef, and he tried to be the best he could be. A handsome face, obviously, depends on talent. Over the years, he has been shown on the screen at without makeup, doing his own dangerous actions in the movie. He started his career at 16 to pay his father's debts. There was an innate bullying in him.

Louis Koo is our immortal god. The name ofLouis Koois the symbol of men. Once had the white tender face that connect a girl to envy incomparably, in order to save the trouble that make up, hence everyday bask in the sun, do beautiful black, leng is become a "bao gong face", but also because this makes him become more manly. Speaking of his characters in the play, from Yang guo in the 1993 film, to 2008,Connected"Abang," by su jianqiu in "detox" in 2013, and "by 2016"The Line Walker"And more recently" lieuleducrime, "each of the movies, each of the classic characters, not only interprets Louis Koo's own wonderful acting skills, but also perfectly combines the strong and masculine nature of his bones and the role of his characters, so that we can better understand him.

Nicky Wu, everyone is no stranger to him. When he was young, he played on the screen with a heroic image, pure manliness and cool style, and was once admired by his fans. "The heart-pounding step by step"The fourth master is more of an image of the expression of nature, creating the label of domineering men. Now, when it comes to Nicky Wu, who doesn't praise real men?

Wu Jing (actor), aWolf Warriors", like a huge rock, woke up the film industry and completely reversed the so-called situation in the film circle where the so-called flow of traffic, the level of appearance of small fresh meat to drive the box office. In the drama of the war of blood and blood, the hormones come full on my face, while in my life,Wu Jing (actor)doesn't wear foundation, eyeliner or lipstick Don't make up, still include tens of millions of fans, this is a man should have appearance!

When it comes to Tong Zhang, the first thing that comes to mind is the image of Chen shuxiang, nominated as "emperor". He is passionate and fearless.Tong Zhang,is well known for his image as an iron man and monk with a burning blood. There was no traffic, but the characters conquered the audience. Whether in or out of the play,Tong Zhang,you see is a tough person to take on, dare to act, do not pretend, do not shrink from the real man.

As a unique role, a man should have his own unique style, dare to stand up to himself, brave and strong, straightforward and magnanimous, with an open mind. Attract people's attention and attention with their unique charm and excellent works, and guide the entertainment circle and even the whole society with positive energy.

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