My robot boyfriend' killing Zheng Yiming deeply hit the heart of the girl

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The love sci-fi comedy " My robot boyfriend " was recently released. It was produced by Glorious Century Media, directed by Catherina Tsang, starring Jiang Chao , Rachel Momo , Zheng Yiming and Tianzuo Liu . After three months of intense shooting, Zheng Yiming also successfully killed, and expressed his dismay on the role of microblogging: "The first 90 days to kill. Good-bye, Mr. Qiao."

“My robot boyfriend” tells about the death of medical graduate Bai Mo (Jiang Chao). After his father used artificial intelligence to transform it, a series of stories about affection, love, and friendship occurred. Because the plot has a new theme, a solid content, and a strong lineup, "Robot Boyfriend" has attracted a great deal of light since it was launched. Li Xiaoran's special appearance has increased the visibility.

The actor Zheng Yiming plays affectionate male Er Qiao Keming in the play. It is learned that Qiao Keming is not only a warm man but also a lot of gold, and he becomes a jewelry designer at a young age. When the designer encounters the spark that young reporter Jiang Mengyan (RachelMomo ornaments) will collide with, how can Qiao Keming be attracted, and the two opponents play will become a major attraction in the play. They all said that "the man is the woman's owner, and the man is the audience's", and Qiao Keming's silent guard can probably hit many girls' hearts.

“I just hope that when you may end your relationship, look back and there is my choice.” Zheng Yiming once shared a character's lines in the success of the “Su” to many netizens. In addition to "My robot boyfriend", Zheng Yiming's first starring " Happy Photo Gallery " will be broadcast this year.

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