Jia fu' three hundred cases of tang

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Star connection September 7By actors Jia Fu Ancient costume detective mystery drama starring li bairong Three hundred cases of tang poetry "Was launched last Thursday. Jia Fu's "poem and wine detective" li mo bai, who experienced the "human skin skylight case", fell into a more mysterious situation yesterday. Resin face peony case " In the tang dynasty, it looked like singing and dancing, but in fact the dark tide was surging. Facing the more mysterious case, li mobai found the real murderer again through the clues.

Jia Fu《Three hundred cases of tang poetry》

Li mo bai, the shy detective, finally says he lovesJia Fuand asks you to look for the real guy

"Three hundred cases of tang poetry" narrated the new tang calendar zhenguan years, a series of strange murder cases occurred, the famous "poetry" li mo bai came into the palace to be ordered to investigate cases, and with partners southeast, yuan Dan qiu, yinnu formed a tang investigation team, while safeguarding world peace, but also gradually close to their father years ago the truth. Li mo bai, played by Jia Fu, suffers from "Waterloo" in love despite his clear logic and speedy crime solving. To southeast confessional when, he use 1: "green son jin, long your heart, gentle and graceful fair lady, gentleman good qiu." Expressing affection but being teased by the beloved as "saying people's words" makes the audience cry and laugh.

In the play, li mo bai is not only graceful and handsome, but also very special when he comes out. He is calm and calm in the face of the captured officers and men, and he continues to drink wine without any care. However, he seems to be romantic, but he is alert and detached. After "human skin sky lamp case", encounter again "corpse face peony case", how doesJia Fudeal with?

Jia Fu《Three hundred cases of tang poetry》

The avatars of "ancient mudou" break the mystery in Jia Fu's ongoing investigation

In "Three hundred cases of tang poetry", Jia Fu's costume style also shows the style of "poetry & wine & detective", which is called "ancient style & sesame bean" by netizens for its classical plain color and exquisite patterns. Li mo bai is an upgraded version of detective, poet and knight-errant. He is a quick-witted detective, a poet with excellent literary talent and a chivalrous teenager.Jia Fugains praise from the audience for his accurate understanding of the role.

Jia Fu《Three hundred cases of tang poetry》

& have spent & have spent & have spentJia Fuin the My Wonderful Boyfriend In the film, li yanzhi, who plays the role of silently protecting his lover, conceals the ineffable heart in his heart and cruelly refuses the proposal of his beloved girlfriend, causing netizens to call him "too abusive heart". This timeJia Fuplays li mo bai and li yan although the style is different, but can reflect his solid acting and dedication. As the plot progresses, li has already experienced the third case, many years ago the father was wronged the truth is still unsolved, "zombies Bai make The case is deadlocked. What happens next? Every Thursday night at 8:00, looking forward to Jia Fu's performance.

Jia Fu《Three hundred cases of tang poetry》

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