An oriental odyssey' wenkang yuan tianzuo liu xiaotian yin character exposes fan's 'acting guaranteed

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Linkeddb News October 11By the zhejiang Kwong Wa Jointly produced by ce & oergol, horgos & oergol & oergol & oergol and tencent computer system in shenzhen,Chou Hsiao Peng [1]Directed, Claire Denis The writers,Wu Qian (actress), Zheng Yecheng , Yujian Zhang , kiki The leading role of the counter-routine ancient costume detective light love pure love drama An Oriental Odyssey ", released a series of stills of the characters today. Pin ( Wenkang Yuan ), flyover ( Tianzuo Liu (), xuan zang ( Xiaotian Yin ), and the day after the first case of the play ( lorla (), pei xian ya ( Li Zhinan Let more characters come to light. The cast, whose acting, word-of-mouth and physical appearance have inspired fans to call it a "treasure hunt, sincerity and emotion", and the show's first mystery involving nine stars and beads was "revealed", sparking curiosity.



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In the new photos of the characters, tianshu, who is also evil, holds a cane fan in his hand. His gesture of pinching and calculating seems to be perceptive. And with the sky, like water and fire, the national master tianqiao, red robe and gold embroidered official dress body, arrogant, mysterious position; Xiaotian Yin, who plays xuan zang, appeared with a shaved head, showing his master style with firm eyes. In the power of looking for the heavenly beads, the queen of heaven can not be ignored, household affairs and state affairs busy wu zetian, jinyifu, zhucui around, a generation of female emperor's domineering posture is still showing; And the "domineering queen" of saola is the mother of the hero mohler. Lily Tien She is full of exotic flavor and her shape attracts the eyes.

The main character in the first case, pei xianya, the son of the prime minister, was dressed in a white robe, pale and bereft of blood. As county Lord Ming hui's fiance, he and the mysterious woman embrace and sit, the atmosphere ambiguous and eerie. He also has two contrary key words, "the imperial battlefield" and "the spirit is like a silk", the mysterious origin appears at the beginning, the complicated character relations and the suspense heavy case let the audience be full of suspense, and the childhood male god Li Zhinan's ancient costume modelling, also aroused the netizen's youth memory to kill.


All stars join the cast bones plus a strong lineup to highlight the hard power of the cast


In order to create a satisfying period of conscience for the audience, An Oriental Odyssey not only makes a great deal of invitation to the masters to set up the real scenes and fully restore the design drawings, but also has a smart attitude in casting and character clothing design. Not only "jiang tai doctor", Wenkang Yuan and" Wang fat "Tianzuo Liu has two excellent actors who have both topics and strength, and Xiaotian Yin, lorla and other national characters. Lily Tien, the popular queen who won the golden bell best actress award, also joined the team, with outstanding acting skills and her good looks. Her appearance with Li Zhinan also adds feelings and memories to "An Oriental Odyssey".

Tianshu, national master, buddhist master, diva, queen, minister and son, there is seldom a TV drama that can portray all the characters in the drama in detail and strive for perfection. But in "An Oriental Odyssey," the main character shines brightly, and other characters shine brilliantly, each vividly and conspicuously. In a sense, "An Oriental Odyssey" is not just a story about the love stories of the "detections of the tang dynasty", but a collection of interesting images of the prosperous tang dynasty and a light-hearted feast of counterpoint tricks for the audience to create "life is full of reverses".

& have spent On October 18, "An Oriental Odyssey" will officially launch on tencent video, which will be broadcast exclusively on the Internet. Two episodes will be updated every Thursday 5 or 6 nights at 20 PM. Members will watch the episodes in advance next week. The novel of the same name is currently in Migu reading serials, starlight games and TV series more in-depth cooperation to create mobile game "secrets." To whom shall the beads of the world fall? Can the implacable power game be reversed? What kind of wonderful performance will many powerful actors bring to the audience? Lock tencent video "An Oriental Odyssey" for more highlights that can't be missed.


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