I stand on the bridge to see the scenery,' tonight broadcast Jiang Chao decorated sweet pet sister mad pet sister

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Idol drama " I stand on the bridge to see the scenery " will be launched today in Hunan Satellite TV. Starring Jiang Chao and Sierra Lee , Zhang Zhenglan, the president of game company Jiang Chao plays the game, uses various means to solve the old affection of Kendo coach Xiao Shui-guang with love and companionship.


Zhang Chao, president of a game company played by Jiang Chao in the play, is a self-made IT elite. On the surface, it is full of aura. In fact, it is a warm cure. It is a sweet and invincible president. From the initial exhaustion of eighteen martial arts routines to love each other to understand each other, keep closer, the ultimate ice cream girl melted. Forerunner Zhang Zhang Lan Lan chase love Dafa show forehead to kill, kendo boom, a change in recent years, the inherent imprint of the president of the screen, transfiguration "dog" boyfriend, fresh cure, sweet degree tables.

Jiang Chao has taken a lot of sweet idol dramas and shaped the president's elite image. As the CEO of Alternative Sweet Petty, I was standing on the bridge watching the scenery. The warmest president in history. Jiang Chao also said during the crew's inquisition that the overbearing president is quite different, "he is humorous and lively through his own hard working president.

January 23, every Tuesday, Wednesday night at 22:00 in Hunan Satellite TV, "youth performing" theater "I stand on the bridge to see the scenery" officially launched, let us together with the overbearing president of warm "phase." It is reported that Jiang Chao is currently shooting a new series called " My Robot Boyfriend " in Shenzhen, playing Lin Bai Mo , a high-cold robot, which is also a brand new challenge to Jiang Chao. Looking forward, Jiang Chao will bring us more outstanding works.

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