Kujakuo: Ashuradensetsu' road show chengdu closing official 'little jumping frog' Lei Wu thanked fans for their love of love

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The movieKujakuo: Ashuradensetsu"Road show chengdu closing official" little jumping frog"Lei WuThanks for the fans' live confession

Today, Kujakuo: uradensetsu travels to the heavenly kingdom of chengdu for a road showPang Ho cheung,With actor Lei Wu,kikiToka was there, and it was the end of the road show for Kujakuo: Ashuradensetsu. There was a lot of interaction between the co-creators and the audience, andLei Wusaid it was "worth everything for the movie," adding that the atmosphere was brought to a climax when he expressed his fans live.

Lei Wu says, "I love you." The frog is cute and flirty

Event,Lei Wurevealing love song "little frog jump", and sichuan dialect to fans "I love you", said his fans support confidence, so we will grow good-looking, lovely and be fond of warm heart instant speech ignited the scene fan passion, and the screams of roof.Lei Wualso shares the most stressful thing about shooting live is the harmonyChildhood Ka LingElder sister, the home hui elder brother opposite play, affirmation liu liang elder generation's acting skill while, also admit two elder generation to work together the gas field is strong, need "strong heart" to play. The game loop,Lei Wualso joke said since roadshow, the scene and card playing "rock-paper-scissors" has not won a, poor little expressions to on-site fans shouted "cute".

Kiki reveals how she falls in love with tuka. Many creators never forget their original intention

It is in the movie, the rebel fighters figure Kujakuo: king Ashuradensetsu strike earth people turn into a pumpkin and in figure card back Kujakuo: Ashuradensetsu community, and between qi and meet each other but can't "dislocation" love story of Joseph made numerous audience heart sighs. At the event, toka Shared the most unforgettable part of the love scenes with chiya, andkikiand toka expressed their love for each other at the scene, admitting that each other was the most unforgettable person. At the same time,kikialso expressed her views on yesterday's bad comments, expressing Pang ho-cheung and Pang ho-cheungYang Zhen notesThe teacher made Kujakuo: Ashuradensetsu every day for six years. This initial intention is precious.Lei Wualso Shared his thoughts on the set, and his experience of shooting Kujakuo: Ashuradensetsu is still fresh in my mind, saying "it's worth everything for the movie." The director Shared the story behind the scenes, saying he will never forget the 6,000 or 7,000 people who worked together for Kujakuo: Ashuradensetsu. The heartfelt words of all the creators of the audience evoked the resonance of the audience, walking heart speech ushered in bursts of applause.

Directed by Pang ho-cheung, Lei Wu,Tony leung ka-fai,Carina Lau,,Zhang Yishang,Jia - yi Feng,Ming DaoKiki,DuobujieThe national roadshow of the fantasy film kujakashuo: uradensetsu co-starred by tuka has officially ended. The film is in full swing and audiences are welcome to enter the cinema to witness "light and shadow are justice".

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