Kujakuo: Ashuradensetsu' announced it was pulling out of theaters.

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"Kujakuo: ashursetadensu," released on the afternoon of July 15, two days after its July 13 release, will be pulled from theaters at 22 p.m. on July 15, 2018.

"Kujakashuo: uradensetsu" will be pulled from theaters from 22 p.m. on July 15, the announcement said. Here, we express our heartfelt gratitude to the audience who accompanied and supported us all the way. Apologize to the audience for not being able to see the film. I would like to express my deep gratitude to all the relevant partners of Kujakuo: Ashuradensetsu and apologize for the inconvenience caused to you. I would like to pay high tribute to all the Chinese and foreign creators and actors who have participated in this film in the past six years.

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