Stolen fish from shen mengchen' star owner: peter sells tang po cherrie ying sells toys

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Linkeddb News November 22 Recently, Shen Mengchen The keeper of the house is set in idle fish suddenly hot. Shen Mengchen, a TV anchor from hunan province, Shared her experience on weibo after being cheated of 3,000 yuan in second-hand transactions and reminded netizens not to be fooled again. Her idle fish account was accidentally exposed. Her idle fish number has attracted 300,000 yuan of powder at one stroke, and the baby has been sold out. At present, there is only one burberry coat priced at 13,000 yuan which has not been sold yet. 13,000 people have clicked "want", and may still be bargaining with Shen Mengchen.

Shen Mengchen sells a piece of clothing on second-hand trading platform xianyi. The buyer said when paying, because Shen Mengchen did not open a second-hand transaction. In the case of being urged all the time, Shen Mengchen had no time to think and was determined to settle the matter quickly. Besides, he did as the buyer said, after several risk reminders along the way. He swept the qr code given by the buyer to a customer service page of xianyu and paid a deposit of 3,000 yuan according to customer service requirements. Then when the customer service request to update the ID and pay 6,000 yuan, it suddenly dawned! "Me!!!!!!! Be! Cheat! !"

According to related screenshots of Shen Mengchen, xianyu made at least six risk tips during the transaction, but these risk tips were ignored by Shen Mengchen. To this, some netizens said, in the trading process must pay attention to the xianyu platform "risk tips", do not in the xianyu platform outside the channels for trading chat, payment and other behavior.

Shen Mengchen said on weibo, "remind everyone not to be fooled like me!" "It's a blessing in disguise, I've been idling for a long time, dongdong sold out today, my fish opened up."

Shen Mengchen was cheated a steak leisure fish star owner

Then came the boyfriend Du Haitao Du Haitao was found with the ID of "I am Du Juan hua" as Shen Mengchen as his commission. The masses of melon eaters were secretly prodded to show their love. The role of "Du Juan flower" is more than this, for example this by the girl friend cruel price mark 4200 yuan of bag, underneath have Du Haitao's whine: this is not I send you! Accompanied by five exclamation points, the two staged a "ten action fish".

Shen Mengchen was cheated a steak leisure fish star owner

Along with this craze, many of the star's idle fish were also excavated. It's been proven Joe Chan , Cherrie Ying , Will Liu , Peter You are what Each star in the idle fish hanging treasures are very personal characteristics.

Shen Mengchen was cheated a steak leisure fish star owner

Joe Chan is a senior user of leisure fish. He mainly sells some of his idle clothes. Click on her leisure fish number. For example, "the income of this item will be donated to the charity package project of China poverty alleviation foundation", etc. In addition, attentive netizens will find that Joe Chan appears frequently in xianyu fish. They will see her "when she came here 5 hours ago, I would like to round her up.

Shen Mengchen was cheated a steak leisure fish star owner

Cherrie Ying and Will Liu put jasper in a tacit agreement I hung up the fish with the puffs. Peter, on the other hand, is selling his "soup wife". In addition Qi Wei He sold corn in his spare time. There are Yueming Pan Also has appeared idle fish, likes to wander "fish pond".

Shen Mengchen resold idle fish and gained a wave of good feelings such as "diligent and thrifty running home" and "adorable". With their own stories and contents, fans can learn about the life of many stars, and stars are willing to form a diversified connection with the younger generation of fans in this form. As a gathering place of fashion culture, xianyu is becoming a new front for stars to show their own personality and build IP. They can show their interests and hobbies on it, show their other side and fully interact with fans.

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