Chuan Li Spring Photo Man with Green Liu and Liu Yan (actress) Li Liu Will Liu Joins New Variety “Enjoy Beauty”

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April 18, 2018, Chuan Li Weibo released a new set of photos. He was in a magnolia flower, wearing a white T-shirt outside a green velvet flight jacket, wearing a string of standard tide pants, foot white fashion shoe. Quiet and warm, stylish and sunny. It is reported that Chuan Li had just completed the shooting of Yu Zheng 's epic drama “ Beauty Hao Lan ” in the beginning of this month. Chuan Li played the role of “White”, the son of “Baiqi”. It was on the battlefield. The courageous generals and invincible mighty generals found themselves in love after a time of unforgettable love. Another 100-million- star drama, "The Reasons for Improper Emperor, " starring Chuan Li, is also undergoing intense post-production. The drama is presented in the form of a two-element, unit-drama, and directed by "Journey to the West 2". The director of Mao Mao Mao , former director of the Raiders series IP Derivatives "Hey, the predecessor" director Su Yuchen served as master planner, co-starring also Greenly , Feng Li Jun , Wang Yizhe and so on. In the film, Chuan Li's "Flag" has taken over the task of finding the heir to the throne, but each prince refuses the throne with all sorts of reasons. After experiencing frequent rejections, "Flag Flag" found the Asoka. Amazing conspiracy behind. In the variety show, Chuan Li joined the large talk show variety show "Enjoy the Beauty" with aesthetics and healthy beauty. He has problems with Liu Yan (actress) , Li Rui and Will Liu. The beauty changes. "Enjoy Beauty Bar" has now completed the recording of the first program. I believe we will soon meet with the audience.

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