Netflix' Where is Daddy '5 Filming, Jay Chou's daddy Will Liu is one of the guests

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The past two days "" Where is my father "5 shooting" Suddenly on the hot search, the official did not announce guests, did not announce the official shooting, all-powerful online friends in the Reuters, all kinds of speculation, the most widely passed guests : Jiang Du Umhhhh, Wu Chun with children, Jordan Chan , Will Liu and intern Deng Deng . Program group secretly may be a routine may also be uncertain factors, but with several guests social software update status and Reuters photos, 90 %%%% is really not wrong.

The honored guest, iron village chief. The village chief Li Rui (politician) is also the soul for where Dad goes. He updated his status on Weibo yesterday. He wrote: Today, sneezing, someone thinking of me? @ And where did # father go?

Jiang Du, Wu Chun Jiang Du, Wu Chun, Jordan Chan, Deng Lun Everyone is more familiar with Jiang Du and Wu Chun. When Daddy Comes Back met his children and everyone now, "Be daddy have come and gone, consummation. Unfortunately, less like the little sweetie we really regret ah!

Who is Will Liu? We may not be familiar with it. Xiaobian know him, but also because Jay Chou reasons. Will Liu is his friend at Jay Chou's social software, has been friends for more than 10 years, is still the daughter of Hathaway's godfather, is also a partner ...

Will Liu himself has a very lovely daughter, called "Little Puff," which is also a fairy kid who is basking on the Weibo. Looking forward to it?

Deng Lun is an internship dad did not say, then we are still satisfied with these five groups of guests Dad 5? Of course, everything is speculation before the official announcement. Xiao Bian is the most hope that our little sweet to dad 5, you say?

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