Goddess Zhang Min announced a comeback comment Andy Lau, Stephen Chow, Jet Li, Zhang Min classic memories of those moments

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Recently, 49-year-old Zhang Min landed variety shows, "We have come" announced the resumption of the United States to the bones of the goddess Zhang Min disappeared for many years now suddenly announced the resurgence, attracted a large number of fans cheering. And in the program there is a question and answer session, Zhang Min generous talk about the co-star Andy Lau , Jet Li , Stephen Chow ......


For Jet Li, Zhang Min said: kung fu king.


For Andy Lau, Zhang Min said smooth and slick.

She said that Andy Lau is very good, doing well for people and doing well in EQ, and has reached a very high level in all aspects. And Andy Lau is also known as a model worker. He works hard every day and I want to learn from him.


Asked to be Stephen Chow, a partner for years, she said she should be "loners."

And cut Stephen Chow is a very weird person, he took the line, and then his own screenwriter, director. You can not ponder what he wants to perform, you do not know at all. Zhang Min said: I guess his friends should not be a lot! Really should Stephen Chow creation of the song "Invincible is so lonely" ......

Zhang Min, born in Shanghai on February 7, 1968, was very popular in the 1990s and created one classic role that people never forget: the dream in Gambling Saint and Chen Yue in "Dancing with the Dragon" Light, " Swordsman " in the sun and the moon goddess Sheng Ren Ren Ying Ying , "Wu champion Su beggar" Beggar helper of the daughter of the cream, "Huang Feihong iron chicken centipede" Tie Yan Er, " Yitiantulongjizhimojiaojiaozhu " Zhao Min , the daughter of Ruyang Wang, Qilian Qin, daughter of " HailtheJudge ", etc.


And Jet Li starring costume action film "Yitiantulongjizhimojiaojiaozhu" Zhao Min.


And Andy Lau starring "Dancing with the Dragon" by Chen Yue Guang, and was nominated for "Best Actress" at the 11th Hong Kong Film Awards.


And Stephen Chow film "gambling" in the "Qiy dream"

In 1995, Kenny Bee and Ashton Chen dived out of the entertainment industry after filming " Shixiongdi ". She invested in business in the Mainland, opened a beauty salon, fashion house, KTV, real estate, etc. as a strong woman, but most stars do Business does not seem to go well. 1999 and former "capital city four less" Wang Yu have contacts, after Wang Yu and Zhao Wei announced romance led to break up, 2003 Zhang Min and star manager Liu Yonghui love and low profile marriage.


At the beginning of 17, a series of pictures were taken by Lin Bing-cun, a surgeon in charge of photography. Zhang Min just said: "This time, I think, simply, come back."


In the ever-changing entertainment, each star as a flyaway version of the dazzling layout across the goddess Zhang Min success or failure of this comeback, or pay what hidden behind? We for the time being. Let us look forward to a more mature and calm goddess Zhang Min return ... ...

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