Yitiantulongjizhimojiaojiaozhu (Movie)[1993]

Area: Hong Kong Language: Cantonese
Stars: Release data: Dec. 18,1993(China HongKong)
Director: Writer:
Producer: Genre: Action | Martial arts | Costume


With his wife Yin SuSu, his son just came back from Gudao for his Master's birthday. In Wudang Mountains, various major factions forced Zhang CuiShan to tell the whereabouts of Xie Xun, the golden lion, and Zhang CuiShan and his wife were forced to commit suicide. Zhang WuJi, who is poisoned by the mysterious palm of God, can not practice martial arts and can only survive with daily infuriating Zhang SanFeng. On the 1st, Zhang WuJi was bullied by his fraternal brother and fell to the precipice with Xiao Zhao, a woman who helped him. He met Huo Tou Tu just, healed the body's cold poison and learned 90% of Yang posthumously. Zhang CuiShan, a disciple of Zhang SanFeng, a disciple, led Zhang WuJi, son of the Ming dynasty Bai MeiYingWang, and became brothers with Xie Xun, one of the four great kings of the Ming dynasty, all of whom are factions Not allowed, as the Central Plains Wulin as a religious cult, so flocked to discuss the Wudang school. Zhang CuiShan couple to death, to death. Poor Zhang WuJi has become a sinner in martial arts factions since he was born, and his body is poisoned by the mysterious spirit of God, whose life is in jeopardy. Zhang SanFeng did his best to save his disciples a little blood and use his life skills to drive away drugs. He proclaimed the jealousy of Song QingShu, the successor of Wudang School, and his joint Zhou Ermai female student Zhou ZhiRuo to harm Zhang WuJi. Ming Zhao teach the savior Xiao Zhao rescued. Zhang WuJi meets Huo GongTouTuo in the cliff, learned the Nine Yang magic skills and completely rids the cold poison. At this time, Shaolin sent martial arts posts inviting five major factions together to encircle the bright summit, except the cult. Zhang WuJi and Xiao Zhao decided to go to Guangming Ding to help grandma Bai MeiYingWang. In the Ming teach forbidden practice after practice, avoid jealous to rescue. Guangming Ding battle, no doubt Paul teach active, was pushed to act as the leader. In the process of meeting with the Central Plains and welcoming the Golden Lion as the leader, Wulin discovered Cheng Kun, the enemy of the Golden Lion II. The original Cheng Kun undercover in Shaolin Temple more than 20 years, is Cheng Kun kill the Ming leader and scrimmage the Ming and six martial arts faction battle. Zhao Min, a Mongol governor, also conspired with all parties to plot Christianity to teach that many people in the Ming dynasty are among the ten incense and tendon. Zhang WuJi to find Zhao Min to antidote, Zhao Wu Zhang WuJi promise three things, you can give antidote. At this time, since the King of Eagle Ying and others went to the Shaolin Temple to seek justice for the Ming religion, they found the bodies of the temple everywhere in the Shaolin Temple. The original Song QingShu to court and intend to assassinate Zhang SanFeng, Xuan Ming two veterans have to fight with both men and women, all these years of courtship and court are planned by the court. Zhang WuJi Rescues Zhang SanFeng from Heaven and Earth. Zhang WuJi promised that Zhao Min would not defeat Xuan Ming II and seize Zhao Min without using the nine positive powers and the great moves to move the heart. However, when Zhao Min left to tell Zhang WuJi, to save the six camps, to find her mostly. After exposing the court wiped out a few gates of conspiracy, rescued his grandfather and Shizu.

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