Hailthe Judge(Movie)[1994]
《Hailthe Judge》(Movie)[1994]
Hailthe Judge(Movie)[1994]

Hailthe Judge (Movie)[1994]

Area: Hong Kong Language: Cantonese
Stars: Release data: 1994
Director: Writer:
Producer: Genre: Comedy

《Hailthe Judge》Episodes

Bao LongXing (Stephen Chow) bought money for an alternate county magistrate but was avaricious, and people in the county hated him. When he replaced the official magistrate, Qi Qin Shi (daughter of Sharla Cheung) was raped by Chang Wei (Collin Chou). Later, Chang Wei murdered her and killed her. She even fought Qi Qin Shi . Chang Wei, the son of Admiral's Adulterer, invited Fang TangJing (Lawrence Ng) to buy all the witnesses to get rid of the charges. Bao LongXing although persistently looking for evidence, has also been persecuted to immigrants. He decided to go to Beijing to impeachment. Later, because of lack of money, he had to work in a brothel and learned a good kung fu from his wife. He mistakenly hit the brothel in a brothel to know the emperor, to help the emperor meritorious he was sealed high official, re-examine the case of Qi family murdered. With his wisdom and eloquence, he tried his best to seek justice for Qi QinShi.

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