Shixiongdi (Movie)[1995]

Area: Hong Kong Language: Cantonese
Stars: Release data: Dec. 23,1995(China HongKong)
Director: Writer:
Producer: Genre: Comedy | Action | Fantasy | Adventure


100-year-old longevity, ad hoc birthday celebration. Brother, sister-in-law to win the family property, plot to kill the Lord, but the plan failed. Unexpectedly, the second master was pneumatically pissed. According to the ancestral hall rules, the family property handed over by the eldest brother full management, prawn only share the lean field and a cow. By chance, prawn and prawn Sao found that ten or so beads buried in the field. Ten beads with magic power, can do anything they want, arbitrary. Prawns and prawn Sao ecstatic. It is a pity that this matter was learned by the avaricious brother-in-law and the handsomely handsome. Marshal led troops and horses came to grab treasure, in a rash, prawn and Prawn Sao each swallow the Pearl 5 tablets, ran away. Unluckily, Prawn was captured by Marshal, and Prawn Soup collapsed into a grave. That night, Marshal House, prawn gave birth to five children: vigorously three, eraser four, flying five, copper head six and high seven. The five children mistakenly recognized Marshal as the father, prawns were held in prison. At the same time, Prawn Sao also gave birth to five siblings: Clairvoyant, escape to eight, mouth nine and shouting ten. From ten beads into ten brothers and sisters, all the mortal can not ability. Prawn Sao loving husband and wife, with five brother and sister to the city to find the whereabouts of prawns. Five siblings happened to meet five brothers, the two sides did not know the truth fought, in the care and description of the Prawn Sao, the ten brothers understood Marshal conspiracy, decided to jointly rescue his father prawn. Marshal House, the authorities heavily, ten siblings and Prawn Sao temporarily inadvertently lost. Daishu would like to put ten siblings pot, refining Orzhu, Prawn led Prawn struggling to resist, the marshal down. Unfortunately, prawns were injured in confusion and were in critical condition. Ten brothers and sisters voluntarily changed back to Baozhu and rescued the lives of prawns to show their filial piety.

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