Daming Princess Sun RuoWei Biography(TV)[2017]
Daming Princess Sun RuoWei Biography(TV)[2017]

《Daming Princess Sun RuoWei Biography》Episodes

The first year of Ming Yongle, Emperor Yu Shi Jing Qing Zhu Zhuman door copy cut, the eldest daughter Man Shu saved for Sun Zhong, alias Sun RuoWei adoptive home. A few years later, the poster hidden power of "Orthodox Church" secretly manipulated Sun RuoWei, want to marry him ambitious Hanwang. However, due to her marriage, she married into the East Palace and became a concubine of Huang Zaisi Zhu ZhanJi who happened to meet with her. Into the palace, Sun RuoWei hate father and hate the suffering of civil society civilians, witnessed the sinister battle of the court, her mind gradually matured, the feeling is also increasingly inclined to kind-hearted Zhu ZhanJi eventually she was determined to give up personal hatred, Assisted ascended the throne husband for the people and the world seek the greatest happiness and tranquility. During the passing years of Zhu ZhanJi, Sun RuoWei went through the successive times of Zhu QiZhen and Zhu Qiyu, both rulers of the two countries. With her own tolerance and wisdom, she took the opportunity to save the Ming dynasty from danger, The responsibility of the world responsibility to his son Zhu QiZhen body. In the latter's "rule of Yingzong", the ups and downs of the Sun Ruwei finally "put down" all the fate and she added, frankly face the torrent of history and rut.

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