Qin Wang Li ShiMin(TV)[2004]
Qin Wang Li ShiMin(TV)[2004]

《Qin Wang Li ShiMin》Cast

Li ShiMin Peter Ho Play)

Lively and lovely, bohemian, and Ruo XiGongZhu love at first sight, helpless fate, if regret marry Prince. Later, under the influence of the environment, his character gradually matured. Due to the death of Ruo XiGongZhu, he initiated the change of Xuanwu Gate and created the rule of Zhenguan and finally succeeded the emperor. [13]

Peter Ho

Peter Ho (simplified Chinese: 何润东; traditional Chinese: 何潤東; pinyin: Hé Rùndōng, born September 13, 1975) is a Chinese American singer, actor and model based in Taiwan. Since his debut in 1998, he has released seven albums and has starred in over 25 films and television series, most notably Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Wind and Cloud, One Meter Sunshine, Goddess of Mercy,The Young Warriors, Three Kingdoms, Legend of Chu and Han, Summer's Desire, and Nothing Gold Can Stay.

Ruo XiGongZhu Yuanyuan Gao Play)

Sui Dynasty princess, beautiful and kind, dare to love and hate, more rebellious personality. In order to resist marriage, she dared to escape the palace, went to all corners of the country; understand the truth, to resolutely assassinate Li JianCheng. [14]

Yuanyuan Gao

Gao Yuanyuan (simplified Chinese: 高圆圆; traditional Chinese: 高圓圓; pinyin: Gāo yuányuán, born 5 October 1979) is a Chinese actress. She is considered China's "National Goddess" for her beauty and extraordinary acting skills.

Li JianCheng Yikuan Yan Play)

Prince Tang of the Tang Dynasty, Li ShiMin's brother, meticulously studied with deep understanding of political strife. Like a pity, but if he does not love him, make him pain, and Li ShiMin as the biggest opponent, eventually if the assassination.

Yikuan Yan

Yan Yikuan (simplified Chinese: 严屹宽; traditional Chinese: 嚴屹寬; pinyin: Yán Yìkuān, born 24 January 1979), also known as Yan Kuan, is a Chinese actor and singer. He is best known for his roles in the television series Taiji Prodigy (2002), The Prince of Qin, Li Shimin (2005), The Last Princess (2008), All Men Are Brothers & The Glamorous Imperial Concubine (2011), Mazu (2012), Heroes in Sui and Tang Dynasties (2013), The Three Heroes and Five Gallants (2015) and Treasure Raiders (2016).

Wei Zheng Jianfeng Bao Play)

And Liu WenJing brothers and sisters, but its the Lord. Wei Zheng Li ShiMin enjoy the tolerance of mind, but for the peace of Datang can only choose to help Li JianCheng down Li ShiMin, Li JianCheng eventually failed, into the command of Li ShiMin.

Jianfeng Bao

Bao Jianfeng (Chinese: 保剑锋; born November 3, 1975) is a Chinese actor and singer of Mongolian descent, best known in film for portraying Mao Zedong in The Road of Exploring (2011), Lü Bu in The Assassins (2012) and Chen Shuxiang in The Bloody of Xiangjiang River, and has received critical acclaim for his television work, particularly as Gu Yuetao in The Shining Teenagers (2002), Emperor Gaozong of Tang in Lady Wu: The First Empress (2004), Wei Zheng in The Prince of Qin, Li Shimin (2005), Xue Rengui in The Legend of Xue Rengui (2006), Chu Lian in Dreams Link, and King Zhou of Shang in Zhaoge.

More《Qin Wang Li ShiMin》Cast

Actor Name Play Role Introduction
Alyssa Chia Yan Zhi Yellow boatwoman, personality is very open-minded. Due to fate will be involved in the life of Wei Zheng, so the two developed a situation.
Florence Tan Zhang SunLongEr Zhang SunWuJi sister, trying my best to help Li build Datang, like Li ShiMin, married to Li ShiMin became Princess Qin.
Jiangguo Lin Li YuanJi No introduction
Xing Lv Liu WenJing The adviser to the family, Wei Zheng, was a disciple of Wei Zheng, who made every effort to assist Li and was especially loyal to Li ShiMin. It was only an attempt to achieve her goal and was eventually killed by Wei Zheng.
Yueli Yue Li Yuan No introduction
Ya-lei Kuei Dou HuangHou No introduction
Wang Gang Zhang SunWuJi No introduction
Hei Zi Yang Guang No introduction
Shouqin Xu Yu WenHuaJi No introduction
(None) Yu WenChengDu No introduction
Weihua Liu Dou JianDe No introduction
Qian Li Dou HongXian No introduction
Chen Xian political Huo TianXing No introduction
Fiona Fang Hai Tang No introduction
(None) Yu WenKai No introduction
(None) Yu WenJianLing No introduction
Hong Jiang Wu Ji No introduction
(None) Wei ChiJingDe No introduction
Zhang Yapeng Cheng YaoJin No introduction
Wu Qiang Wei Ting No introduction
Qingyu Yan Xiao HuangHou No introduction
Ziqi Gao Qin ShuBao No introduction

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