Story of Yanxi Palace(TV)[2018]
Story of Yanxi Palace(TV)[2018]

《Story of Yanxi Palace》Cast

Futura Rong Yin / Queen
Futura Rong Yin / Queen Lan Qin Play)

Hsiao-hsien queen, Qian Long wife, she Xian Xian law, IKEA IKEA, elegant, elegant classical, mother of the world, to promote thrift, the first virtues of the ages, and later for various reasons, lost two children in my heart left a Road scars, feeling the emperor away from her, the inner desire for ectopic freedom, heartbroken.

Lan Qin

Qin Lan (born 17 July 1981) is a Chinese actress, model, and singer.

Qian LongHuangDi
Qian LongHuangDi Yuan Nie Play)

Emperor of the Pure Emperor

Yuan Nie

Nie Yuan (born 17 March 1978) is a Chinese actor best known for his numerous television performances, some of his more notable roles include: Hu Fei, in Fox Volant of the Snowy Mountain (2006); Li Ke, in Zhen Guan Chang Ge (2007); Zhao Yun, in Three Kingdoms (2010); Tang Sanzang, in Journey to the West (2011).

Fu ChaHuangHou
Fu ChaHuangHou Lan Qin Play)

After Qianlong’s sorrow, he succumbed to the rituals and advocated frugality, but the gentleness was like water but the heart was stubborn. Later, because of the loss of the two sons, leaving a scar in the heart, I feel that the emperor is detached from her, and the heart is longing for freedom outside the palace.

Lan Qin

Qin Lan (born 17 July 1981) is a Chinese actress, model, and singer.

Susannah / Queen Wula'nah's
Susannah / Queen Wula'nah's Charmaine Sheh Play)

Originally hidden Di side of theFu Jin, the emperor Dengjiji seal as Xian Fei, Queen's death, Jin Feng imperial concubine, sole ownership of the sixth house, three years after the death of the Queen, the Queen, the heart has been admired the emperor, but I do not know how to express themselves Love.

Charmaine Sheh

Charmaine Sheh Sze-man (born 28 May 1975) is a Hong Kong actress best known for acting in many television series produced by TVB since 1998.

More《Story of Yanxi Palace》Cast

Actor Name Play Role Introduction
Jingyan Wu Wei Ying Luo / Ling Fei Xiaoyi pure queen, Wei Ying Luo to find out the reasons for the death of sister Su Ning into the Forbidden City as a palace, fortunate enough to meet the filial piety Empress Dowager, serve the Queen, Bo has been using revenge, do not want two emotions ... ... Luo Luo understand their mission , Promised Hsiao Hsien Empress down hatred, a good life, assistant Qian Long, Luo Luo spent the rest of his life to complete the promise to the Queen.
Xu Kai Fu Heng Fu ChaHuangHou's brother, like Wei Ying Luo, for various reasons married Er Qing.
Lawrence Hai LanCha No introduction
Zhuo Tan High Ning Xin / Hui Royal Hui Yin Royal Concubine, appearance strong, weak heart, arrogant domineering, Gao Bin as his father by the pavilion, office in Ying Luo counter.
Zhuo Tan Gao GuiFei Appearance strong, weak heart, arrogant domineering, Gao Bin as his father by the back office, office in Ying Luo counter.
Qing Su Er Qing Fu ChaHuangHou one of the Queens, married to Fu Heng, gave birth to a son Fu KangAn, and Qian Long have cut unreasonable relationship.
(None) Er Qing / Mrs. Fu Heng Fu ChaHuangHou one of the Queens, married to Fu Heng, gave birth to a son Fu KangAn, and Qian Long have cut unreasonable relationship.
Yufei Shi Zhi Lan Gao GuiFei's confidant. Under the guise of Gao GuiFei, at every step, in order to master the successful host, advice and dedication. Her usual altruism, but there is loyalty to the master's heart, after the death of Gao GuiFei, only to revenge for Gao GuiFei.
Yuanke Wang SuJingHao/ChunFei No introduction
Yuanke Wang Chun Fei Pure benefits Royal Concubine
Jiani Zhang HeZhuoShenBi/RongFei No introduction
Jiani Zhang Rong Fei No introduction
Li RuoNing Lu late night / Qing dynasty No introduction
Hongyao Hong Zhou No introduction
Practicing Yu Fei No introduction
Song Chunli Tai Hou Chong Qing Emperor Tai Hou
Practicing KeLiYeTeAYan/YuFei No introduction
Chunai Li Shu Fei No introduction
Chunai Li NaLanChunXue/ShuFei No introduction
Jiang Zi new Ming Yu Fu ChaHuangHou one of the big girl
Sookie Pan Jia Fei No introduction
Maolei Wang Yuan ChunWang No introduction
Anna Fang Zhen Er No introduction
Huichun Wang Yin Zhen No introduction
Huichun Wang Yong ZhengHuangDi No introduction
Jingru Yang Hu Po No introduction
Chen Yu dimensional Wu AGe No introduction
Liu En Shang Li Yu No introduction
Jiayi He Zhang MaMa No introduction
Cheng Junwen Hong Yan No introduction
Xu Yin Fang GuGu No introduction
Yang Gao Wu YaQingDai No introduction
Sha Deng Wei YingNing No introduction
High rain children Jin Xiu No introduction
Herun Wang Zhao HuaGongZhu No introduction
Wang Yu Wei La WangDuoErJi No introduction
Wang Yizhe Fu KangAn No introduction
Xiaonuo Xu Si WanGeGe No introduction
Fang Yang Fei Si AGe No introduction
Baihui Xu Yi Pin No introduction
Cheng Mo Yu Hu No introduction
Shan Bai Yu TaiFei No introduction
Ping Ru Fu ChaFuRen No introduction
Chunrong Dai Na LaFuRen No introduction
Cheng Junwen Hong Xiao No introduction
Sun proud Shi ErAGe No introduction
Louis Xiao QuanZi No introduction
Di Sun Wu ShuLai No introduction
Gong Fang Min Lv QinWangYunTao No introduction
(None) Shen JunWangYunXi No introduction
(None) Ping JunWangFuPeng No introduction
Zhang TianYun Zhen Zhu No introduction
(None) Yi Zhu No introduction
(None) Chi Su No introduction
ChenXiner Ling Long No introduction
(None) Yun Xiang No introduction
(None) Ji Xiang No introduction
(None) Ma Nao No introduction

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