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Linkeddb included Guilian Li Works 4 ,And Feature 3 ,Family drama 2 ,Countryside 1 ,Motivational film 1 ,Love 1 ,Comedy 1 。

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Guilian Li Filmography(4)


UnforgettableBlast (Movie)[2015]

Feature: Ye Su (Jiang Chao ornaments), Zhang YiXian (Xueming Jiang ornaments) and Huang DaZhong (Xia Wang ornaments) are good friends in college, mutual feeling is very good. After graduation, three people are faced with their own choice, and ultimately, they decided to stay in a competitive but with great opportunities for the large cities, hoping to rely on their hard work and strive for a brilliant world. In this way, the three embarked on a long road to job search, after numerous setbacks and failures, found that it is not easy to find a job here to shine and heat. However, finding a job is only the beginning, and pitiful wages and endless classes are battling this group of young people's expectations of the future. Accident happened one after another, Ye Su feeling lost and lost his job, Zhang YiXian and Huang DaZhong also resumed "free-fall", the three hit it off, decided to embark on the road to entrepreneurship.

Ye YaZi 2 (TV)[2014]

Feature: Ye YaZi 2 tells Ye YaZi and Yang Shun to leave the city together, return to the countryside and rebuild the duck farm. Ye YaZi 2, when everything seems to go smoothly, Introduced the sensitive topic of "recognizing the mother not recognized". In the meantime, it has also become a fuse that strikes Yang family, Zhou family and Fang family and disputes these several relationships and sparks various contradictions and frictions. Faced with the ensuing challenges of mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, pregnancy and childbirth, and ex-girlfriend's illness, Ye YaZi encouraged and infected everyone with his dedication, non-abandonment and optimism. It has interpreted a positive and inspirational story that enables the audience to feel the true love and true love between people while they laugh.

Wenzhou family (TV)[2012]

Feature: The Wenzhou Family tells the story of an ordinary peasant family leaving their hometown in Wenzhou in the early 1980s to work hard in various parts of China and Europe. Described in Wenzhou, Wenzhou, a family drama still weeks Zhou shun, his wife Zhao YinHua, his son, dog and daughter A rain, borrow money battles, daughter was sent to Italy, Zhou Laoshun and his wife scavenged from picking, salesman, son, the dog Selling glasses began, step by step to dig wells, buttons, experienced numerous failures and all kinds of ups and downs, the final transformation into a modern enterprise process. His daughter, Ayu, also started her studies and work as a 13-year-old girl and eventually became the boss of multinational corporations and became the representative of Chinese overseas businessmen in Italy. This is the history of the struggle of Chinese businessmen in the past generation and the result of 30 years of China's reform and opening up The show.

Happy IN-LAWS (TV)[2010]

Feature: Stills Atlas, the three generations of Lu family of nine people are preparing photos of Zhang family portrait, but the family came to a pair of strange men and women, claiming to be Lu family relatives. The original is the second child Lu QiWei carrying family and her boss Yang Guang married, 来人 is Yang Fu Yang Mu. Lu Wannian and Yu ChunLan strongly opposed this daughter's marriage, and learned that after Lu QiWei's pregnancy, he could only give up. Yang Mu was determined to have a grandson. When she learned that Lu QiWei's pregnancy was a fake, thinking Yang's "private money" office was true, he not only angered Lu Family, but also closed Lu QiWei's family. Lu QiWei wholeheartedly have their own business, running away from home office, resulting in two escalating Lu Yang conflict. In order to get boss Lu QiYuan early marriage, Yu ChunLan invited neighbor Li GuiHua to Lu QiYuan media. Lu QiYuan failed because of his first love, swear this life is not to marry, resulting in timeless blind date ended in a farce. Lu QiYuan Lv DaGang could not conceal his entanglement with Lv DaGang's girlfriend but did not expect Lv Fu Lv Mu to believe it. Instead of telling Lu QiYuan several times, he was confronted with Lu Jiati and his parents, but all encountered Lu Family relatives without success. Third, Lu QiHai Li LiPing and Li GuiHua daughter is classmate, because Lu QiHai is Lu's descendant, his parents and family can be masters, that is, they can not call themselves; and Li LiPing is Li's daughter, her Parents can only say the mother alone. Two of the parents can not do the Lord finally make a return to the Lord, so two unexpected love. Yu ChunLan never dreamed I became limpid with Li GuiHua, and I did not think of my third daughter, Lu QiXiao, talking to my husband, Huang Jiahui, for her dream. Lu QiWei finally realized his dream with the help of Huang Jiahui. After becoming a TV presenter, after many twists and turns, Lu QiXiao accepted the feelings of Huang Jiahui, but Huang Fu rejected the marriage on the pretext that Lu QiXiao was beautiful. Lu YeYe left Lu NaiNai with her family unincorporated; Lu QiLu, a daughter of a Chinese family, ran away from her relatives again with "great secrets"; Lu QiYuan, who originally planned to marry Lv DaGang, regretted finding her first love; Lu QiWei was mentally disturbed by the stock crash; Lu QiXiao was fame and fortune, ready to become a monk. After the storm, it is a sunny day, all the stories ended in a happy reunion.

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