Ye YaZi 2(TV)[2014]
Ye YaZi 2(TV)[2014]
Ye YaZi 2(TV)[2014]

Ye YaZi 2(TV)[2014]

Episode: 30 Area: China Mainland
Stars: Xiwen Cao Tong Zhang Ling Zuo More>> Language:
Year: 2014
Writer: Tian Yougang Genre: Plot | Family | Emotions
Producer: Ma Jian

《Ye YaZi 2》Episodes

Ye YaZi 2 tells Ye YaZi and Yang Shun to leave the city together, return to the countryside and rebuild the duck farm. Ye YaZi 2, when everything seems to go smoothly, Introduced the sensitive topic of "recognizing the mother not recognized". In the meantime, it has also become a fuse that strikes Yang family, Zhou family and Fang family and disputes these several relationships and sparks various contradictions and frictions. Faced with the ensuing challenges of mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, pregnancy and childbirth, and ex-girlfriend's illness, Ye YaZi encouraged and infected everyone with his dedication, non-abandonment and optimism. It has interpreted a positive and inspirational story that enables the audience to feel the true love and true love between people while they laugh.

Plot Summary>>

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