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Wei Xu

Wei Xu


  • Male
  • Wuhan City, Hubei Province
Wei Xu, female, MD, First Affiliated Hospital of Nanjing Medical University (Jiangsu Provincial People's Hospital) Hematology professor, chief physician, doctoral tutor and national clinical key disciplines, key disciplines of Xingwei Engineering (build), Jiangsu Province, colleges and universities Outstanding scientific and technological innovation team and hospital lymphatic tumor research innovation team leader of major disciplines, academic leaders, Jiangsu Province, "Xing Wei Engineering" outstanding medical key personnel, Jiangsu Province, "333 Project", "Six Talents Peak", "blue Engineering "training objects," Chinese hematology "," Chinese Journal of Experimental Hematology "and" Journal of Nanjing Medical University "editorial board, director of Jiangsu Provincial Blood Transfusion Association. Jiangsu Provincial People's Hospital Department of Hematology, chief physician, professor.

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