Women's Han Yuyi's beautiful photo beauty and Shawn Yue's drama

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Adapted and supervised by the famous producer, director and screenwriter Wong Jing , Shawn Yue , Michelle Hu , Simon Yam , Gordon Lam , Janice Man , Han Yuyi, and other sci-fi adventure drama " Adventure King Wei SiLi " are on display. Burst several times to screen friends circle. It not only created double clicks and new highs at the box office, but also scored 200 million ratings, and also created a large number of new high performers. Han Yanyi, who plays the character “Wolf Girl”, left a deep impression on the audience and was dubbed the “cool beauty agent”.

"Adventure King Wei SiLi" can achieve such impressive results. In addition to the exciting storyline, the actors' bursting into the acting skills also played a very important role. Recently, the popularity of skyrocketing "cool beauty agents", 90 after the new actor Han Yanyi sun out a group of beautiful and moving pictures, deep v nude color dress to show its beauty and moving side, conquering countless "iron powder." Netizens have also left a message: "The goddess is really an ice cream beauty, everywhere is the United States Fan"! In the photo, Han Yu-Yi is a vague and crisp khaki dress. Her skin is white and delicate, and her face is cold and beautiful.

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