Feng gong' “daughter” mini yang, who has not been popular for 10 years, became famous after crossing her legs during the spring festival gala.

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Mini Yang, the "daughter" of Feng Gong, went viral on the Spring Festival gala after failing to make it to fame for 10 years

As we all know, it is a great honor for stars to be on the stage of the CCTV Spring Festival gala. The sketches of the Spring Festival gala are also icing on the cake. Speaking of Spring Festival gala sketch, have to mention the last generation Zhao Benshan , Song Dandan , Feng Gong, etc., of the younger generation Jia Ling , Kainan Bai And so on. Today we are talking about this protagonist Zhang Xiaofei .

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Zhang Xiaofei, graduated from the performance department of the Beijing film academy, is a mainland Chinese actress. Zhang Xiaofei started out early, and with Mini Yang, Shanshan Yuan All classmates. She starred in FengHuoSuiYue "Into show business. She's also been involved Wu Xiubo The leading role of "ma xiangyang went to the countryside", although has the acting skills but has been tepid.

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It wasn't until 2015 that she took part in the CCTV gala's collaboration with Feng Gong, Cotton jacket, and played the daughter of Feng Gong, opening her new direction as a comedian. The entertainment industry calls her Feng Gong's beloved daughter. With her wit, twinkle and smile, Jia Ling quickly signed her into her company and kept praising her. She has worked with Jia Ling a number of times, and the two have a sharp contrast in appearance and figure, with each frame contracting all the punchlines.

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In 2018, the CCTV Spring Festival gala and Jia Ling's skit "real teacher", however, became a flowerpot on the comedy stage when their legs went red. 12 years after her debut in the CCTV Spring Festival gala cross the legs of the difficult action, visible her body softness, netizens admire, but also from her dancing skills. Zhang Xiaofei has been studying dance at the dance department of central university for nationalities in Beijing since he was 11 years old.

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Nowadays, Zhang Xiaofei has appeared on various variety shows, and she has been named as "the most beautiful comedian" in the popular variety show "I am an actor". She performed delicately and skillfully, and directly touched the heart and gained Zhang Ziyi The praise. "Comedy is a surprise in my life," she said. "from learning acting, I have always longed for good movies and roles. I want to take off the label of a comedian and come to I am an actor to prove myself. Zhang Xiaofei breaks through himself and never forgets his original intention. The editor also looks forward to seeing more of her films and TV series.

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