Li Han-hsiang mansion has been exposed at only one corner and it will show a lot of money

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The Li Han-hsiang Mansion is a mountain dew

Most people have star dreams and want to be stars. The reason is nothing less than the star can make a lot of money, after the fame to live a bright and beautiful life. After many celebrities became famous, they would casually shoot advertisements and earn millions in a few minutes. Some people may earn less than a few million in a lifetime. It is really easy for a star to make money.

At noon on May 21, the well-known host Li Han-hsiang whimmed and blew up a picture of a person who was suspected to be repairing the garden in his personal microblogging. This photo, which was inadvertently taken, set off a storm on the Internet. Netizens began to discuss the home of Li Han-hsiang. The photo shows the small bridges surrounded by green plants. There is also an antique pavilion hidden in the corner of a three-storey villa. The relaxing scenery of Ning Jing is very pleasant. How much money do you have to buy in such a beautiful and wide garden? People have to feel that Li Han-hsiang is a rich woman. She lives in a garden that is wider than ordinary people. It is no longer possible to use money to describe Li Han- Hsiang.

The meticulous netizen saw the garden in the photo was a bit messy and looked like it was being retouched. Li Han-hsiang released the picture of the garden and felt it with a sense of disbelief: "In a mess!" Although it is a word, it has a huge amount of information and reveals the garden. It is indeed trimming.


Li Han-hsiang sun exposure Li Han-hsiang mansion was exposed

Netizens are sighing that the house is too embarrassing, and only one corner can show a rich home. From the map, it is a garden with a large area. There are small bridges, a rockery and a small pavilion. There is also a three-storey villa in the distance. From the on-site environment, the garden seems to be undergoing maintenance. There are foam boards along the way. People in the decoration industry know that foam boards are on the ground to prevent the mud from being carried into the room.

In fact, as early as in a variety show, Li Han-hsiang once stated that he had a very high demand for quality of life, spending 650,000 yuan per month, and eating 70,000 meals. This month's expenses make ordinary people forget about it.


Angela Wang's mother Li Han-hsiang's light in her younger age. She has become a frequent visitor to various variety shows since she was able to talk and walked. She once had to participate in " Dad, WhereAreWeGoing? " The ability to suck gold hasn’t lost their parents. Angela Wang is a noble school, this noble school can not get into without a certain identity, a year's tuition up to 200,000. When Angela Wang, a young age, grew up in his childhood, he had a minimum of tens of thousands of bags and was able to withstand the expenses of ordinary families for several years. Angela Wang also regularly participates in various programs and frequently raises his visibility to increase his popularity, accompanied by a variety of negative information. Many people are worried that education like Li Han-hsiang is not conducive to the healthy growth of Angela Wang, but Li Han-hsiang responds: “I only have one daughter, and of course I must give her the best”.


Angela Wang has been 8 years old, 5 years old when he boarded the New York International T-Taiwan show, before she had no Chinese children won this honor. Angela Wang, now 8 years old, has been able to speak fluent English. This has made many adults feel less at home. In addition to these, Angela Wang, a young age, is proficient in his paintings and paintings, making one wonder how important it is for a child to have a star mother education.

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