Yuelun wang issued a statement again denying the hotel situation: the favorite person is li han-hsiang

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Yuelun Wang Issued a statement again denied the hotel disturbance: favorite person isLi Han hsiang -

In a statement posted on social media platform weibo, Mr Wang said he had never done anything wrong to his wife, Li han-hsiang, since they married. He also accused the unscrupulous media of secretly taking photos, borrowing, distorting facts, fabricating and spreading rumors, which not only disturbed public order but also seriously affected family harmony. At the same time, he warned rumormongers that they would pay a price for their actions.

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It is reported that on October 8, Yuelun Wang was photographed with a woman staying in the hotel for three hours, some media immediately responded to the investigation Yuelun Wang, saying that it was a friend's girlfriend. Li han-hsiang also blasted his friend on weibo, saying, "my friend's girlfriend can't ride in my car either! Fuck off!" Li han-hsiang's response was domineering and, indeed, queen fan.

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Then, suspected Yuelun Wang secret meeting waves again, and the media has been reported that Yuelun Wang after the door was still holding the woman's waist photos. The operation really overwhelmed the melon eaters. Only then did Yuelun Wang issue a statement denying the derailment.

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Yuelun Wang, a graduate of the central academy of fine arts, is a male director from mainland China. Li han-hsiang, a graduate of the communication university of China, was once the master of hunan TV. Li han-hsiang is now in business, too. "strong woman" and "bai fu mei" are fair to say that she has become what many women dream of. In fact, Li han-hsiang is far more famous than Yuelun Wang.

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It is said that Li han-hsiang and Yuelun Wang met at the end of 2005, when Li han-hsiang launched two new songs, "needless to say love you" and "0123456", with Yuelun Wang as the MV director of the two songs. In 2009, he married Li han-hsiang, and they had a daughter together Angela Wang . Yuelun Wang is known to audiences for taking her daughter Angela Wang to "where's dad?" Later, he and Li han-hsiang went to a lot of variety shows together, which is a typical sunshine boy image in the circle. There was no problem with "hen-pecked husband". This hotel incident, if not picture is truth, probably many people did not think of him!

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Now that Yuelun Wang has come out to set the record straight, it's unclear what the truth is. Nevertheless, small small still look forward to Yuelun Wang family harmony.

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