Genes strong! the four generations of feng gong's family are just copying and pasting their son looks exactly like him.

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Powerful genes! Feng Gong A family of four generations is just copying and pasting a son who looks exactly like him

When it comes to the word gene, many people find it a bit magical. Especially when facing their own children, more and more feel the magic of "gene". In the entertainment industry, there are also stars who look very much like their parents, for example Lu Yi (actor) Lei Bao One, the long legs of this one are so big, they're all scrambling for the mirror every minute.

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Of course, in addition to the family there are some star family members who look very similar. Today introduced the host, looked his family four generations of photographs, only know what is called gene strong! The whole family is a copy and paste, and the son is almost exactly like him. Today's main character is Feng Gong.

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Feng Gong first appeared on the Spring Festival gala stage in 1986, co-host Wei Liu, The year of the tiger, a cross-talk comedy, has been decades away.Feng Gongis a regular guest at the gala, and a line like "I want to die you" is a classic line. Some viewers even feel that the gala, which lacks Feng Gong, will always have less flavor.

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Feng Gong is now a household name. In show business, many people would judge him by the word "good". Indeed,Feng Gonghas always spoken directly to the audience in a comedic way. The comedic image he created often makes the audience laugh, and he can appreciate life in all kinds of ways and feel the taste of the world.


In fact,Feng Gongis so successful. In addition to their own efforts, their family education also has a great relationship. Some netizens were surprised to see Feng Gong's family background. It turned out that Fung Kwok zhang, the founder of the warlord, was the great-grandfather of Feng Gong. Look at this family photo, really want to exclaim the strong gene. Looking at Fung Kwok zhang's photo, it looks likeFeng Gongreally has a sense of sight.

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Feng Gong's parents also have a good education. His father graduated from fu ren university and taught in a middle school in tianjin. His mother and father are college classmates, graduated from the department of mathematics in fu ren university. Netizens who have seen the photos of Feng Gong's parents feelFeng Gonglooks more like a mother.

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In fact,Feng Gongis so similar to her sister that it is simply a copy and paste.

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Apart from them, Feng Gong's son, Feng kaicheng, looks almost exactly the same. From an early age, feng was very interested in Chinese chess. When I was five or six, I got into it. And often participated in various competitions and achieved good results. Feng was also an excellent student and was sent abroad to study.

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After finishing his studies, Feng kaicheng did not make his way into the entertainment industry thanks to his fame, though he was the most popular of the second generation. Instead, based on what he learned, Mr. Feng, 34, is now a small success in the IT industry.

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