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The main makers of the film aquaman opened the world's first propaganda poster in china to show the underwater spectacular.


Linkeddb News November 8 A new DC superhero film produced by warner bros. pictures Aquaman Announced, director James Wan Will bring the lead actor and actress "Aquaman" Jason Momoa , Mekong delta Amber Heard He came to Beijing to attend the grand premiere of the film on November 18 and started the world's first promotion. This is also the first time that James Wan came to China to promote the film. The two stars announced the exciting news to the audience in a surprise announcement. The two of them are in perfect agreement, and the "highest level of underwater appearance CP" is more enviable. The poster of the movie's characters is also released. The seven main characters show their domineering power in the magnificent ocean world. An epic struggle between land and sea is about to start. The burst of hormones and "sea" quantity of fierce material has been on the road, please look forward to! The film will be released in North America for two weeks on December 7.

King neros is awe-inspiring. JPG

The world's first propaganda flower in Beijing & NBSP; & have spent "Aquaman CP" is about to become a tacit understanding

The news that Aquaman was set for release on December 7, a full two weeks ahead of its north American debut, drew great attention, with excited fans saying "live long to see". Beijing is the first leg of the film's global campaign. James Wan will appear with the two main characters for the big premiere. The good news was announced by Jason Momoa and Amber Heard. In the trailer, they were surprised to show their excitement of coming to China and show the audience the amazing world of Aquaman: Kim Bi Hui Fu At the end of the day, Aquaman will be in the exciting action scenes of the golden age, the perfect integration of science and technology with magic, roof chasing and desert descending. Watch Aquaman Jason Momoa show what the walking hormones are at the scene on November 18 to get a glimpse of the goddess Amber Heard.

Director James Wan visited China for the first time. & have spent "Undersea version of speed shock" detonation expectation

Renowned Chinese director James Wan's first visit to China to promote the film has also excited all fans. As one of Hollywood's hottest directors at the moment, James Wan's numerous classics have a very high status in the hearts of movie fans. For the "saw", "the conjuring" series and"La Religieuse,He is also known for his horror films such as "the last supper," and his ability to direct commercial blockbusters. Fast & Furious7 "Is the best proof. The "Aquaman" trailer has already impressed fans looking forward to teaming up with the DC universe, and more fans are comparing it to the undersea version, which is known for its explosive effect. What movie material will James Wan bring to China this time? We'll see!

The poster of the big shot & NBSP; The sea was magnificent

Along with the news of China came the exposure of the film's 7 main character poster. Aquaman Arthur in a classic gold uniform, the king style; Mae la is a dazzling red hair, beautiful but not domineering color; With his swagger and ambition, the king will fight his half-brother Aquaman. Aquaman's mother queen Athena is noble and elegant, and the distant lighthouse is her symbol of love with human beings. Vico, the most loyal member of the queen's side, looked grave. A black manta ray with a sharp knife will greatly hinder Aquaman. One of the seven subsea tribes of the king gebel neros, awe-inspiring power. Behind the main characters, we can see the magnificence and magic of the underwater world of Atlantis, the magnificent buildings standing high in the deep sea, and the beasts marching to and fro. Let's look forward to the underwater wonder world brought by James Wan.

The Aquaman brothers, king oomai. JPG

Aquaman usher is king. JPG

Majestic queen of Atlantis debuts. JPG

Aquaman, a DC superhero film produced by warner bros. pictures, directed by James Wan, and Jason Momoa (" " Justice League ), Amber Heard (Justice League), Patrick Wilson (the conjuring series) Nicole Kidman (the hours) Willem Dafoe (spider-man 2)Yahya Abdul - Mateen II(netflix "teen hip-hop dream") and other powerful Hollywood actors co-star. Will be released on December 7 domestic shock.


James Wan, the director of the DC universe's latest film Aquaman #, will appear in Beijing on Nov. 18 with lead actors Aquaman Jason Momoa and Amber Heard, attending the China premiere and launching the world's first publicity campaign! The poster of the characters was also released, and the seven main characters showed their domineering power. An epic struggle was about to start. The film will be released nationwide on December 7, two weeks ahead of schedule in North America, and expect Aquaman to arrive!

Black manta ray manta ray moves with a sharp edge. JPG


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