William chan is a justice league! actors do not lie to me!

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Linkeddb News October 11 After nearly a month of excellent broadcasting, the TV drama Age of legends "The finale today. Liu Ziguang ( William Chan After many ups and downs, I will usher in a bright and happy new chapter in my life. The wonderful story is about to come to an end, so it's hard to avoid disappointing people. Countless girls chasing the light express that they want the story of ray brother to be longer, showing the great charm of this character.

William Chan: justice league

Not every actor has the courage to make such a choice. However, instead of being dazzled by the outside world, the uncut and unsophisticated liu ziguang let the audience see William Chan's more sincere performance and more surprising possibilities.

Looking back on the roles played by William Chan in the past two years, we can find that "complexity" and "justice" are the core of the characters who have been consistent throughout. They all have the gray degree of both positive and negative life, but what remains unchanged is that they always have a chivalrous heart of "eliminating violence and amity and upholding justice". Lighting up the summer of 2016 Old Nine In the movie, William Chan plays guard Lord zhang qishan. As the head of the nine gates, zhang qishan shouldered a lot of family responsibilities, but in the years of war, he could put aside all the fighting with the gate, take the nation first, leading the family and the people to defend changsha against the Japanese. 2018's "all through early spring" Only side by side with you In the film, William Chan plays the mysterious and charismatic pub owner, hiyue. His identity is full of mystery, and he is burdened with hate that changes his life, but in the face of love and responsibility, he can also put aside years of enmity and help lovers and partners pursue their dreams. Looking at liu ziguang again, his life can be said to be full of suffering, imprisonment, water, memory loss........ But no matter what he experienced, he never abandoned a just and good heart.

These characters have brought not only audio-visual entertainment, but also positive cultural influence. Some netizens have made a name for these characters: justice league. More importantly, from these characters, we can see William Chan's continuous improvement in character control. As a leader, zhang qishan has a broad personality and great sense of city and courage. At the same time, he has a deep sense of justice and courage. In shaping this role, William Chan's eyes are steady and confident. More mysterious and yuppie, the owner of the pub is full of hatred, often with an inscrutable look in his eyes and a mouth slightly drawn, but afraid to approach. If there are obvious similarities between these characters and William Chan himself, then liu ziguang has a new look. You would never associate this dark, bearded, unsophisticated, and simple-minded stripling with the handsome, delicate and vivacious national idol. But liu ziguang is so vivid and vivid that every audience could not help but rise and fall with his experience, and even smile or cry without knowing it.

There is a common saying: "the actor a suit of skill, the story of a thousand years ago, is a drama stranger, is also a drama person, the drama such as the drama, true and false a person." This must be how many viewers feel when they look at William Chan's character. Every character is William Chan, but every character is not him. It can be seen from liu ziguang that William Chan is an actor who is unwilling to the status quo, and he is constantly striving to expand his comfort zone. Liu ziguang's role is also like a window, showing the audience William Chan's strong plasticity. After liu ziguang, what surprises William Chan can bring to the public, and what exciting expansion of justice league will be expected.

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