Legend of yun xi ending explained:The key of Yun xi getting back to life is this word.

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The drama of “Legend of Yun Xi ”has already ended, its popularity has not diminished, and many people are still wondering that why Yun xi in the end can getting back to life. Some audiences said that the last night in meihai Long feiye to see the Yunxi is not really, just the one who looks like. This also indicates that the drama should has a sequel. However, some viewers think that Yun xi is not actually dead. Yun xi can be resurrected because of her bracelet. Before her death, Yun xi gave her bracelet to Gu Qishao, who once said, “Poison girl, I lost the bracelet you gave me.but you don't worried that I will find it back.”

This bracelet is a treasure of the poisonous family. It is not only the most comprehensive poison book in the world, but also has the ability to heal and return to life. Therefore, after the bracelet is found, the dead will be brought back to life.

Yun Xi give up her life to save her husband

This bracelet of Yun Xi

Legend of Yun Xi ending episode explained:Legend of Yun Xi episodes(1-48)

Han Yuxi get Qin Wang faint at night.Then she go to find the Gu Qishao and convince him to save Qin Wang.She hopes that after she has served the seven poisonous grasses, he can take the blood of her heart and make the antidote to cure Qin Wang. Gu Qishao watched Han Yunxi in front of him and died, heartbroken. After Qin Wang waking up in the night, he found himself in the palace, not the plum garden, He feel very shocked. Gu Qi Shao told Qin Wang that Han Yunxi is died in order to save him.Under the imperial concubine of the Tianhui Di, Qin Wang had to suppress the sorrow and lead the army. Gu Qishao also decided to stand on his side and take out the dead grass to deal with the powerful drug scorpion.

Tian Huidi did not expect that the Qin Wang did not die, but had already healed. Only then did he know that his Yvonne Lu was unimpeded, but it was only the dragon and the night, but at this time, there was no turning back, Tian Huidi was wiped out by the extinct grass, and the army was also retreating. In the end, only the Tian Huidi and the Dragon are not confronted by the night. The dragon is not in the heart of the night, hiding the hatred of the family, the pain of the wife's death, the knife and the knife must be returned to the Emperor of Heaven, but the conceited heavenly emblem Emperor, I would rather break my life and jump off the cliff. Although Tian Huidi made countless evils in his life, he was true love for Chu Qing song. Before he died, Changping had arranged Chu Qingge to leave with her younger brother. Chu Qingge knew that he had lost the most important thing in his life. But everything is already too late.

Long Feiye has a big hug to Han Yunxi

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