On “leave without saying goodbye” : in the movie, they all look like you and me. and laughter

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On Sept. 14, starlink teamed up with Oscar cinema to organize an online audience to watch the film in Manhattan Leave without saying goodbye The film is made by Junfeng Niu , Pax Congo , Jingyan Wu , Xie Yun Shan , Zhao Jian Lei Waiting for the lead actor's road comedy movie. The film tells the story of four young boys who, on the eve of their graduation from college, take an adventure full of unknown and challenges and bid farewell to their youth and start a new life.

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Leave without saying goodbye

sad Po: thanks to the star relationship with movie, "Leave without saying goodbye" tells the story of a few quick graduate students, with no set foot on a piece of said go go travel, scene is much more special, especially the United States, there are desert, there is snow mountain, there are road, along the way there are many unknown accident danger, for they are all challenges, finally also very touching film, in order to rescue the injured with attached, you risked his life in danger, a concerted effort to go forward, with the pump was rescued finally. After seeing them, I actually envied them in my heart. I could be unrestrained and young, and dare to take risks. I hope you will cherish the beautiful youth and leave no regrets.

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Color palette: a young comedy, the punchline is the most attractive part of "go away". While devoted to funny, it is also integrated with brotherly love and kinship. It is a drama comedy driven by emotion. The main characters in the film do climb mount Everest, but also to a large extent, meet the skydiving coach attracted them to go boldly to pursue love. In the movie, their innocent looks will have you and me back then.

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The plot is funny and enlightening. Many times, we are eager to have a trip to say goodbye and put down all the troubles. The scene of jumping and climbing mount Everest looks very realistic. In the previous promotional films,Jingyan WuandJunfeng Niuhad the honor to witness the star's true appearance, and felt that many scenes were really tough to shoot. I believe such a theater can attract young audiences to the cinema.

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At the same time, some netizens also paid attention to the plot distribution and the production of the film. They believed that the film's logical thinking mode was still lacking and the story plot was not three-dimensional enough.

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Zhongyuan: "go and go without saying goodbye" There's nothing to say about the content or the plot, but are they funny, youth films and child stars Della Wu ", very interesting, the speech is very funny, but the plot is not flattering, completely confused, the leading lady came out late, and the appearance time is also short, did not see the acting, hoped better and better!

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The film "Leave without saying goodbye" begins with a feeling that several of its main characters are particularly bad. The acting is also rather grandiose, the plot lacks creativity, there are too many loopholes, and it is good for entertainment. After all the hard work of the director and all the cast. Hope they work hard to improve the next time they create something. Mainly because the script was too weak. Lack of creativity and story logic. Love without beginning, no experience on the mountaineering, even if the mountaineering together, and return to look for people is daze, they a few completely without experience. A weak person with no physical strength and no abdominal muscles. If the cost of going to the cinema, it is estimated that some people not only refund tickets but also mental loss. During the viewing, several fans left shortly after the opening scene. I was the one who kept watching the whole movie. After all, every movie was made by many people. I would like to make this comment, so as to give people who want to make a film a warning, choose the script carefully.

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In this film, several new generations of actors and actresses really bring freshness to everyone. As a comedy, it does bring some joy to the audience. At the same time, the part of the film where you just walk, the scenery along the way also makes the audience reach Ye Tao The role of mind and body. But, as some netizens said, should we put more thought into making the logical structure of the film? In the film's deep meaning and connotation of the positioning for a moment, let the audience laugh at the same time can also think. Star believes that the audience's real response will promote the improvement and development of similar film market industries, and also look forward to the production of excellent films in the future.

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