Leave without saying goodbye' by jingyan wu, a road show in zhengzhou


On September 3, I was invited by the movie theater of Oscar, a young comedy film Leave without saying goodbye creator Jingyan Wu , Junfeng Niu , Zhao Jian Lei Coming to zheng to promote a new film, "Leave without saying goodbye," a film about four irreconcilable brothers, opens up a crazy journey. During this journey across half of China, they made many mistakes and even almost lost their lives because of their wilfulness. However, when they were faced with life and death, the four brothers held each other's hands tightly and coped with all the difficulties together. In the end, everyone found the meaning of life in this journey.

Though it's a film about brotherly love,Jingyan Wuis in it Her appearance helped the four brothers to complete their growth and transformation. She became the "lubricant" of brothers' unity. In the end, xue qi also gained a good relationship with her sister and brother. When you love someone, you don't care about age or anything else. It's like" The story of Yanxi Palace "When, oneself most enjoys actually is the imperial concubine late stage and qianlong's feeling, likes mutually, understands mutually, understands also is willing to cherish, such love probably is the most beautiful good."

When the audience asked about Jingyan Wu's personality more like wei gem or xue qi,Jingyan Wusaid that in fact, there is a common point, their own life is also a big careless, dare to love and hate, not the bar people. I just finishedThe story of Yanxi Palacewhen I started shooting this play. It was The team that started shooting for more than one month. Although it was late, I had no distance from everyone and had a lot of fun. In particular,Zhao Jian Leiwas full of joy both in and out of the play. Because there were some scenes of extreme sports in this play, people would often gather in the hotel for sports when they did not take part in the play. Every time other people were fully engaged in sports, onlyZhao Jian Leicame in and said hello and left.

In the interview, the three creators not only Shared the interesting things during the filming of "Leave without saying goodbye", but also learned henan dialect from the audience, especially Jingyan Wu's "zhong! In the! In!" Is quite real, her fancy than heart will be full of atmosphere to the highest level, see henan fans so enthusiastic, three creators is the atmosphere was infected, not only sincerely send theLeave without saying goodbye"version custom t-shirts to you, also warmly embraced lucky viewers, constantly bring you unexpected surprises.

On September 14, "Leave without saying goodbye" is set to hit theaters across the country, sharing fond memories of laughter and tears in an unexpected journey.

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