Domestic Animated Film' Yesterday Blue Sky' Zhengzhou Road Performs Original Pocket Pocket Chocolate Talking about Youth

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Today, the original comic book author of " Yesterday's Blue Sky " appeared in Zhengzhou University of Finance and Economics, and made publicity for China's first youth animation film "Yesterday Blue Sky" based on his original cartoon. At the on-site sharing conference, Pocket Chocolate shared a lot of experiences about comics and the opportunity for him to enter the comics circle. The pocket chocolate living in a small southern city is like most people, plain and ordinary. Because my grandparents were brought up from a young age, they often instilled the notion that boys should not fight outside. Under this constraint, the pocket chocolate slowly grew into a relatively quiet boy, and daily likes quiet activities such as drawing and reading. Later, because of some chance coincidence, Pocket Chocolate came into contact with the comics and slowly liked it. With the deep understanding of comics, Pocket Chocolate decided to create a "Chinese style" comic book. Thus, there was "Yesterday's Blue Sky."





“Yesterday’s Blue Sky” took Lanxi, the southern town of pocket chocolate as the background, and told the story of the friendship, love, and affection that several senior high school students had on the eve of the college entrance examination. This comic book has strong Chinese characteristics such as sports uniforms, Jiangnan Town's unique streetscape, and clean and pure student feelings that have aroused the sympathy of many young people and have won the favor of a large number of young audiences. In 2014, "Ying Kong Yesterday" also released a 4-minute animated short film with over 6 million readings and playbacks. This time I have the opportunity to make my own film into a movie. The pocket teacher is very honored. It is the proudest thing for the cartoonist to be recognized by the public.



Before the Creative Sharing Conference, Star Relationship Xiaobian had the privilege of interviewing a pocket chocolate teacher. When he first met him, he sat quietly signing a movie poster, wearing glasses, and writing carefully, completely undisturbed by the external environment, like a teenager who was struggling to learn. Through his brief communication with him, he also had a brand new understanding of comics and youth, and gained a lot. Here are some interviews with pocket chocolate:

Q: How do you look at the future of domestic animation?

A: Although domestic-made animations started relatively late, domestic-made animation still has great room for growth, and domestic-originated animation has developed rapidly in these two years. The early animation may be more inclined to sarcastic humor, but the current comics introduce the concept of television sub-camera, more dynamic, and the audience more widely. For example, “Starry Sky” yesterday incorporates the images of many Chinese youth. The uniforms worn by the characters inside are loose-fitting sportswear of partial Chinese style, and the depictions of campus scenes are also the scenes of most campuses in the 1990s. The storyline is also about people living around them. Blue originally created, so it can lead to common resonance.

Q: Which of the cartoon characters in the film is more in line with your image?

A: Many people think that melittle is me. Actually, I think that Tu Xiaoyi and Peanut have my shadow. In fact, I have a very funny side in life. Especially at home, I am a child.

Q: What is the opportunity for you to decide to adapt anime into a movie?

A: Many movies and TV dramas nowadays like to describe the slightly mature aspects of the student's period. However, in my opinion, the student period is actually more green and subtle, and I feel that I need to have another voice to pay attention to students' emotional problems because In adulthood, you will find that the person who is most purely fond of is often the object of studenthood.

Q: Is there any regret in youth?

A: The biggest regret is that there wasn't much imagery at the time. After all, there were no smartphones or cameras, and even photos were taken only as graduation photos. It can only be remembered with a bit of memory to remember the middle school years, but this kind of memory is often wonderful because it comes with "filters."

Q: Is there any suggestion for the current youth?

A: Just cherish the moment, I suggest that if you have conditions, you can cultivate a hobby. For example, if I like to paint since I was a child, the change of outlook on life is still quite large. I can find a spot of light in the darkness and enjoy this process.


On August 10th, "Yesterday's Blue Sky" is about to land on the major theaters in the country and is expecting to meet you in youth.


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