Crystal Sky Of Yesterday road show in Zhengzhou,reappeared adolescent pure love .

Domestic animation filmYesterday 's Blue Sky"" will be released nationwide on oct 26. Director xi chao, comic book pocket chocolate and producer Min Liu showed offYesterday 's Blue Skyat the Academy Awards Shanghai international film festival in zhengzhou on Wednesday to share the film's behind-the-scenes story.

Yesterday's Blue Sky is an adaptation of the comic book of the same name by cartoonists pocket chocolate. It tells the story of tu xiaoyi, yao zhetian, qi jingxuan and peanut high school about dreams, friendship, family affection and love. Like most expressed by the film and television play too "mature" story of youth, the Yesterday 's Blue Sky "tells the story of puberty by clean and shy, plus the story height reduction of jiangnan town, lanxi features in the 80 s, and has the Chinese characteristic extremely loose dress uniform, let the audience a strong the sense, are moved by the real good movies. Powder and been to jiangnan meeting scene, many original audience are moved by the director and senior team's sincerity, powder is an original on the spot, said after his pocket chocolate teacher anime for many years, now see was made into a film, and a rare not taken too commercial, very touched, hope to have the opportunity to also can see the Yesterday 's Blue Sky "of one day. Another girl, who was touched by the film, Shared her past with a tearful girl. "seeing tu's little meaning was like seeing herself. She was anorexic because she loved a boy secretly in high school. Although the final two did not result, but it is this simple and beautiful love of youth to make themselves beautiful. When I think about it again today, I still feel that the past is the most beautiful and memorable regret.

Scene, the director XiChao also share with you the story of filming the scenes, he says, in order to make the film maximum close to the real beauty, creative team with more than two years in early step in the original story to almost every corner of the lanxi with many of the jiangnan town, select a lot of lanxi representative scenarios and old city jiangnan character building, including many now fade away in the process of urban development of beauty and many traditional cultural characteristics gradually decline, so much effort just to let you see the real youth, hope the film also can be a lot of southerners, especially in lanxi people of good memories.

See their works from the flat to the big screen, chocolate is feeling is quite deep pockets, he said, "although in order to enrich the content of the story, the hard to avoid some scenes in the movie changes, but expressed in the manga is the core of the most clean and pure temperament budged, and the whole movie picture processing good to like a ZhenZhen posters, very gratified, also brought a lot of inspiration to his new creation." At the scene, pocket chocolate also revealed that he is currently drawing a prequel to Yesterday's Blue Sky, hoping to deliver more beautiful memories of youth to everyone.

There is no need for gimmicks to recall youth, as long as it is true enough. On October 26th, let's reminisce about those boring and appealing moments of youth in Yesterday's Blue Sky.

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