The last stick' film review: spring begins after major cold

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On August 8, star relation and Oscar cinema line organized netizens to watch the movie "Oscar movie world". The last stick ". What is a stick? This is a term for a particular group. As a famous mountain city, chongqing has produced a group of human porters due to the unique landform. They carry bamboo sticks on their shoulders, tie ropes on them and wander along the streets for activities. The sticks, mostly from the countryside, are temporary porters on the streets of chongqing. As the lollipops fade from view, a documentary chronicling their lives was born.


As a documentary film, it doesn't have flashy special effects, bright colors, or a episodic plot. But what it has, is the most touching thing, is enough to move people's simple and tough. Faced with the elimination of the society and The Times, the lollipops are still uncompromising, do not accept their fate, and are still carrying a heavy burden forward. Their steps are heavy but powerful, which is a kind of firmness towards the new life, but also an insistence that does not bow to the fate.


Comments on star relations:

The last stick is a real documentary, in real life there are always various difficult, acclimatize era produced this stick, is responsible for a lot of People's Daily life, they are representatives of the power, was also the representative of the toiling masses, pay a lot of sweat, solved a lot of trouble, even now, there are also a lot of money out in the industry, they have no special skills, can only rely on the hard sweat for the safe of life, we will make their thumb up, worthy of our respect to anybody.


The last stick, the director he kui went deep into the mountain city (chongqing), a group of people, because of the documentary, so very real. The last stick may be personal for personal reasons have to do the bars, but it is the backbone of every family, they pay for a better life, they have no culture, but they are not afraid to endure hardship, give them the help they can also become a modernization, historical progress can't block, the death of an industry does not result in the death of people, but by improving yourself, keep up with the footsteps of history.

Thank star, can watch "the last stick", the recorded film, the film is very real, is very moving, let me see the different bars, everyone is not easy to live, at the bottom of the life is really suantiankula, respect every laborer, tribute film director, thank him for his people out of such a rare documentary! I wish you all hard work and prosperity!


"Our life will be better and better" is the focal point of this film. The baseball players can persist and work hard in this tough environment. We are far away from them.

"The last stick" is a special reflection of reality, which is very real. At the same time, seeing this movie can feel the hard work of baseball. How hard it is to live in the city. With the development of the plot, the later period of urban life becomes better, and the life in rural areas gradually becomes better. Under the circumstances, the grand finale of several leading actors is very good!

Domestic documentary films have been on the rise in recent years, and more and more touching films have emerged. Without a strong cast, a huge amount of money, or a famous director, there are only the truest stories. Just as the saying goes, "truth has its own power.

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