The last stick' zhengzhou premiere ordinary people most moved

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Today's (8 August) film The last stick The film was screened in advance by the media and some movie fans at the Academy Awards' film world in zhengzhou. The film version was cut from the previous shooting records and added a new content of tracking shooting, which showed the real and touching life of the laboring people at the bottom of the stage in 99 minutes.


At the beginning of the reform and opening up, the mountain city of chongqing gave birth to a special industry - the baseball army. When we carry something with us for more than 30 years, the baseball players have not only picked our own time, but also stirred up the whole era. "The last stick" is a documentary that captures the end of "the era of baseball." Through the life transition stories of several soldiers, such as Lao huang, he nan, Lao gan and Lao hang, we can get a glimpse of the real living state of this group.


"The last stick" is an adaptation of the documentary series of the same name directed by he kuo, which faithfully records the turning point of the special group "bonjour" in chongqing during the great tide of The Times.


Many viewers were touched by the film's gritty bonkers, and the earthy language touched them several times with laughter and tears. "We are so far behind them that we don't have much to complain about."


Some media said that "the most precious thing about the film is that the director did not take a lofty and compassionate attitude to shoot, but was really immersed in life, with the perspective of the parties, this is the most real documentary."

"" the last stick" "opens on August 17.

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