Youth without taste' japan box office results gratifying guomao new model by the second yuan praise

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Star connection news: the highly anticipated feature-length animation Youth without taste, "(Japanese title:" shiji weaving ") has been released simultaneously in both countries on August 4, and has achieved good results in the opening of ticket rooms. What goes hand in hand with the box office is the hot word of mouth of the film. The energetic youth story is also highly sought after among the people of the second yuan. The joint efforts of Chinese and Japanese high-quality animation teams to create a new model of national marvel.

Japanese box office results good quality content is deeply loved by Chinese and Japanese audiences

In Japan, the film has been a hit at the box office and word-of-mouth, making it the summer's most watched youth film. The film since release, the high quality content is popular with the audience in both China and Japan, the authority sites in the film is of good evaluation, many media and the audience also praised gave high praise: "can see Makoto Shinkai type style to depict China's story and scenery, can calculate the conscience, the join also let the Chinese taste of dialect is very clear, exquisite emotional special tear, especially when grandma side rice had tears eye". In addition, the reproduction of the original Chinese story has also been recognized by many post-80s and post-90s generations: "the details of the tape reel and the red scarf in the school uniform are exactly the same as when I went to school, and the eyes have been confirmed, this is my youth".

The energy of youth explodes in the second yuan & NBSP; & have spent Youth stories awaken public memories

At the same time, the film has struck a strong chord with audiences in the second element, with many users of the second element joining the ranks of "tap water". As a domestic youth animation, "youth without taste" not only focuses on the youth memory of a generation, but also represents the youth feelings of 70, 80 and 90 generations who bravely pursue their dreams. Such stories, represented by youth stories, first love memories and regional feelings, are exactly the youth that the public wants to tell and recall, especially the hot discussion among the secondary group is remarkable.

Chinese and Japanese teams escorting & NBSP; The new model of power navigator

Zhi Zhou, a fan of Japanese comics and a fan of quadratic yuan have a high degree of coincidence. How does not persist in the day to marvel, the film quality is superior, feelings moving domestic youth story, has always been the domestic animation industry's top problem. And the Chinese and Japanese team's escort, the concept of Chinese stories made in Japan, also for "youth without taste" to be able to harvest such a good result, providing an indispensable prerequisite. The film in the create numerous high quality hot style painting dream company to control the height of the story, and Makoto Shinkai team CoMix Wave control-insistent pang strength under the knife, the details of images through good Chinese own youth story for two dimensional brought fresh benefits at the same time, the audience will also be the domestic animation production to pull up to a very high level, strength the pilot countries diffuse new pattern.

Painted by the Shanghai culture communication co., LTD., ili outstanding industry co., LTD., bilibili product, Japanese animation studio CoMix Wave control-insistent pang make grinders, Beijing set up culture media co., LTD., joint production of a full-length animation "youth without taste" (title in Japan: "poetry season organizations"), on August 4, in the national art line is opened, at the same time synchronization between the two countries in the hit.

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