Royal Highness drama eng sub,Crystal Yuan with Liu Yan show you Ming goddess

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Royal highness stage photo

There are quite a lot of films and TV plays released in November, including "Eternal Love 2" my prince fell in love with me through the ancient times, and "Tang Brick" which was married with Tang's princess. Tang brick ". While both shows are well-received, the actors are extremely good-looking and the show is very romantic,.However, the most beautiful cast costume drama of the season, people expect one is Royal Highness

Produced by Xiwen media and directed by Xu Jinliang Recently, the story background is in Ming dynasty, an ancient costume drama co-created by IP, is a climax. The play was adapted from a writer Month off The novel of the same name, back to the Ming dynasty when the king, closely cuts the original scene, reproduces the essence of the work. With its brilliant content, the rating continues to go up. Although in 2016 this masterpiece was ready to be broadcast, it was not until recently that youku video took over to meet with the public, which is called "ten years to wear one sword". The show has been a little longer, but the level of production and the cast can only be described as luxurious. And in the latest drama, byLiu Yan (actress)Playing the "Jiangnan top geisha" said cheng qi yun also flutters on the line, so far back to the palace days of the fairies almost all back, let us appreciate their swaying posture!

Liu yan cast Chen Qiyun

Liu Yan (actress) plays Cheng qiyun not only as the first beauty of jiangnan, but also as the heroine fighting alongside Yang ling. In this play is more cent ACTS the role of two sides, from the spring rain building head card "dilou er" a dance pour person city, again to Yang ling nearby the first female consigliere menswear gives the mirror heroic bearing to become qi yun, she relies on her intelligence and wisdom for many times to turn the tide. Even in the midst of the crisis, do not forget to try to rescue Yang ling. Liu Yan (actress-actress) perfectly interprets the show in the play. Now and then the iron armour strength clothing, the dancing knife lane gun's double face beauty.

Crystal Yuan cast Han Youniang

The old wives are not to be abandoned, though with the development of the plot. The protagonist Yang ling's harem is getting stronger and stronger, but when it comes to the right wife who is married in the media, it must be a sensible, loyal and persistent han. And this time the han niang Crystal Yuan It really brought the role to life. From her words and smiles, and from her eyes, it was as if the mother in the original novel had come out of the book. Although Crystal Yuan's role in the play is not the largest, she always silently supports her husband Yang ling in her own way. She is very competent and ACTS as a good wife and helper.

Wang Zixuan cast Ma Lianer

Xuan Lu cast Princess Yong Fu

And all the other fairies in the show are very consistent with the original. CiCi Xia As ma piao er love and hate clearly for the beloved is willing to go through fire and water to save the husband; Xuan Lu The princess of yongfu plays an elegant and demure princess who helps Yang ling out of danger. Haoyu Chen Playing a simple and innocent tang, innocent and lively out of the mud and not stained. Each of the beautiful women has left a deep impression on people with a distinct personality. It can be said that our protagonist Yang ling has married so many beautiful wives and enjoyed the happiness of all

Chen Haoyu cast Tang Yixian

Wang Lidan cast Yu Tangchun

This drama took two years to polish carefully and the cast  Jiang Jinfu , Crystal Yuan, Ruilin Liu Starring CiCi Xia, Zhang Sifan Starring Xuan Lu and Haoyu Chen, Liu Yan (actress-actress), Yijun Liu "Royal highness" is currently on youtube. We can find this drama on youku's youtube official account,while the english sub is also in coming. Let's just watch it quietly!

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