Jiang jinfu admits domestic violence. Out of Chinese drama Royal Highness still a tough man?

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Jiang jinfu admits domestic violence. Out of Chinese drama Royal Highness still a tough man?

These days Chinese actor Jiang Jinfu admission of domestic violence against his girlfriend. However,the event might had plot reversal,his girl friend  deleted all the IG posts. She was the one cheat at first? Whatever the whole story is, Jiang Jinfu had apologized what he did. He is as same tough as his role in Royal Highness!

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Jiang Jinfu Liu Yan (actress)The game of the master brings a high - burning reversal

In the series, which was updated last week, Yang ling, who is played by Jiang Jinfu, cuts a deal with moqinghe in jiangnan, where she meets Liu Yan (actress-actress) as dailou. In many IQ battles, Yang ling gradually mastered the clues of the food mystery case, and captured key figures, from passivity to initiative.

With the continuous progress of the investigation, there are also subtle emotional changes between Yang ling and dailou. When the Japanese pirates came ashore, Yang ling did not protect dailou safely, so that dailou was curious about Yang ling, the imperial envoy. From the latest trailer, this week Yang ling not only properly handled the jiangnan grain case, but also harvest this zhi yong shuangquan hongyan liang to help.

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Response to the plot of the characters increasingly fleshed out netizen Shouting: "begging to add more"

Four weeks after the release of "the legend of the Yang ling of the Ming dynasty", the main characters and the main story gradually fleshed out. In the Ming dynasty mysteries, several characters also welcomed their own growth. Yang ling, who is played by Jiang Jinfu, is promoted from the little scholar of jimingyi to the great Ming dynasty. And by the Ruilin Liu The character zhu houzhao is also in the complex court struggle gradually firm, aspires to be a generation of Ming jun.

The high drama and excellent acting have gradually increased the public praise and attention of the story of Yang ling of Ming dynasty. Many fans of the show said after watching it, "the current update of the rhythm is completely inadequate to watch, looking forward to a more fun to watch."

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