Justin Bieberly and Hailey Rhode Baldwin got engaged ,tens of diamond ring super bright eyes.

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Bieberly and Hailey

Bieberly and Hailey go out

On the evening of July 7, US time,Justin Bieber proposed to his girlfriend Hayley Baldwin, the fathers of both men and women shared the good news for the first time, and Bieber’s father was more happy: for your next The chapter is excited.

Justin Bieber's fiancée Hailey is an American model, daughter of  Stephen Baldwin in the well-known Baldwin actor family, and a niece of Alec Baldwin ( Alec Baldwin ). Bieber and Hayley had a short love in 2016, and then they broke up for some personal reasons. After the two men were combined,  Baldwin also deliberately deleted all the information between her and her ex-boyfriend.

After the successful marriage of Bieber, he and his fiancée Hayley Baldwin took the sweet hand out of the street, and the engagement ring on Hayley Baldwin’s left finger . the diamond ring is worth about 2 million US dollars (equivalent to 13 million yuan).

Selena Gomez enjoy the holidays

Bieberly and  Selena

The news of Justin Bieber's engagement, his ex-girlfriend  Selena Gomez was properly sent to the hot search, according to the official news of Selena, Justin Bieber and Hayley Baldwin engaged At the time, Selena was on vacation with her friends, wearing a bikini and sitting on a chair enjoying sunbathing. His girlfriend also said that "Selina already knows the news of Bieber's engagement, and there is not much surprising reaction." The two people who have been divided into seven years will probably never have an intersection.

Bieberly and Hailey

Bieber, 24, chose Hayley to end his single and wish them a happy ending.

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