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Mission impossible 6: total collapse' revealed the 'deadly rush' version of the original footage, which showed cruise's roof playing with life and logistics and simon dropping chains.

Star connection September 14Hollywood action adventure, classic agent series Mission impossible 6: total collapse "The national heat flares up this summer. So far, the film has made 1 billion yuan at the box office, the best performance in the domestic market, and a global box office of 727 million dollars. Mission: Impossible "The biggest box office, but also Tom cruise's personal career best record! In addition to the box office boom, the film also gained critical acclaim. Over 96% of the action films on douban have gained 8.3 points, while both the lottery ticket and the cat's eye have broken through 9 points, and 83% of them are recommended by weibo, which deserves to be called "the strongest action movie that human can make at present". Today, the film exposed the "run for life" version of the video, Tom cruise London roof play to play the cool run, climbing walls to break Windows hard forward, and even died when suffering ankle fractures, watching people gasp. "The most powerful logistics" Simon has been a frequent chain as a lovely "pig teammates", have to be impossible mission team to make a sweat! "10 billion dollar" Tom cruise, armed with "one billion dollar box office box office best of the year" as the nation battles to win tickets this weekend!

Tom cruise is handsome and plays with Simon crack

In the clip released today, Tom cruise decides to run on the roof of the building to catch Henry, who is on the loose. Jump between jump, like a game of life, not only to cross the scaffolding, through the office area, but also to break out of the window, staged a building leap, life is hanging by a line called the whole breathless "fear of sweat." On the other hand, Simon, the "most powerful agent" who is present at the scene in this film, USES black technology to conduct Tom cruise remotely and accurately, but his chain frequently makes people laugh. Forgot to unlock the screen for a while, and then did not open the 3D display, Tom's chase caused a lot of trouble. No wonder Rebecca and vin Remus were shaking their heads in disbelief at the veteran's inadequacy. Could Tom cruise finally catch up with Henry and save the world? Buy tickets at once, and the answer lies in the most powerful action movies that are so incendiary and hilarious.

The broken ankle is dedicated to media audiences

The sight of Tom cruise on the roof of London's "death-defying dash" is a heart-pounding, adrenaline-pumping affair that seems to have caught the audience along with him. Behind the excellent movie-watching experience is the arduous shooting process. In order to create a sense of speed with real shock, cruise insisted on real shooting, and all the roof jump was completed by him without any special effects, which showed the incisively and vividly on the screen. He broke his ankle on the spot due to the cushioning before landing. However, in order to ensure the completeness of "one pass", he took pains to finish the shooting, and it only took him one and a half months to finish the expected rehabilitation and return to work. The dedication to work must be strong! The earnest "top action movie" also received rave reviews from the media audience with its power rage after its release. Tencent praised the film "not to blow too much", while mtime referred to it as "perfect full score action movie". Many netizens also said that they want to call friends to brush three brush, again experience the "piss, explosion, shuang shuang" pleasant feeling, with Tom cruise to challenge the human limit.

"Mission impossible 6: total collapse" was produced by Paramount pictures in the United States, with alibaba as co-producer and chief marketing partner. Christopher McQuarrie Directed, Tom Cruise , Henry Cavill , Simon Pegg , Rebecca Ferguson , Ving Rhames , Sean Harris , Angela Bassett , Vanessa Kirby , Michelle Monaghan , Alec Baldwin , Wes Bentley , Fred schmidt And other leading roles, and in 2D, 3D, IMAX3D, Chinese giant screen 3D, dolby cinema and dolby panoramic sound system landed in the national cinema line. "10 billion dollar emperor" Tom cruise led "man's greatest action movie" to scream, burn and choke this weekend, buy tickets right now!

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