47 a recent photo of wang feng (singer) 's ex-wife ge huijie, 31, has been revealed.

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47Wang Feng (singer)His 31-year old ex-wife Ge Huijie Recent photo exposure, netizen: than 39 years old Zhang Ziyi Beautiful!

A group photo ofWang Feng (singer)'s 31-year-old ex-wife, Ge Huijie, has been released. The photo shows the singer in a white dress with a shawl of black hair, showing a relaxed and distinguished appearance with a big smile. After seeing the photo, the net user cried out: even more beautiful than Zhang Ziyi, 39

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Speaking of the model's debut, Ge Huijie had to bring up her relationship with Wang Feng (singer). Wang Feng (singer), a Chinese music elder brother, has become a family with Zhang Ziyi, a film queen. It is said that he metWang Feng (singer)at the European championships in 2004. Although they were 13 years apart, they fell in love at first sight. Ge Huijie also gave birth toWang Feng (singer)a daughter, "little apple", at the age of 18. Today's Ge Huijie website has a bad rap, and it's because of the divorce from Wang Feng (singer).

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The young and frivolous Ge Huijie, dissatisfied withWang Feng (singer)so quickly moved on, said bluntly: "what's wrong with me?" . It is said that the reason why Ge Huijie is such a big scene is thatWang Feng (singer)expressed Zhang Ziyi's song "I love you so much", which was written byWang Feng (singer)when Ge Huijie and Wang Feng fell in love.

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Ge Huijie has offended many fans as well as Zhang Ziyi. Zhang Ziyi did not hesitate to support Wang Feng (singer), saying bluntly: "you are my king", a large number of fans tear up Ge Huijie. Ge Huijie was a big target. After three years,Wang Feng (singer)and Zhang Ziyi married and gave birth to a young daughter and a big daughter and a small apple, making them a happy family.

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Now 13 years old, the "little apple" bears a striking resemblance to Ge Huijie. "I like you because of your hug," Ge Huijie tweeted in 2016. Suspected new love interest. The editor also expects Ge Huijie to find his own happiness.

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