Do you remember when they “made wang feng famous” but were banned from singing “marry and have children”

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One song at the Spring Festival gala In the spring ", which sings the hearts of many people, among which the emotion expressed in the song has struck a chord with many listeners. The song also became popular throughout the country, and its cover was well known to the audience.


Sunrise sun Yang gang, as a grassroots combination. Before they took to the stage at the gala, the couple posted video, a bare-chested singing show, online, and the video generated millions of hits. As a result, the two became famous and then appeared on the stage of the Spring Festival gala.


Many netizens said they only got to know each other after sun Yang sang "in the spring" on the stage of the Spring Festival gala Wang Feng (singer) "The two indirectly" madeWang Feng (singer)famous. The two became so popular that they attracted the attention of the original singer, Wang Feng, who later found sun Yang, and the three had good cooperation.



But then something happened that made many netizens feel thatWang Feng (singer)'s behavior was a bit like tearing down Bridges. Later it emerged that sun Yang gang was banned from singing byWang Feng (singer)and was not allowed to do business with his "in the spring". But later, in an interview, Wang Feng explained it: "Wang Feng said that this is actually helping them, they can't do it without their own success, and that the fact that they are making money with their own songs has created a commercial conflict! His agency has not agreed to such practices!"



Although Wang Feng refused to let them sing "in the spring," they continued to sing the song with such an attitude of indifference that the latter Wang Feng had to resort to legal means. And Wang Feng said he would not write songs for sun Yang gang after he agreed to help write them.

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There was no end to the sun's rays. There are not only many commercial activities, but also many TV screens. Two of them were paid as much as $300, 000 to show up when they first became famous. But it is regrettable that later the group members Liu Kang It was exposed that he had quarreled with the old man and tried to resolve the dispute with the old man by force, which undermined the image of the combination. The union was dissolved, and the two men developed separately, allegedly because of "unequal dividends".

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Years went by. I don't know how many people remember them? The two are busy with their respective careers. Some time ago, someone posted a picture of one of the members of the xu zhiyang gang group who happened to meet in the underground passage Daejong of Goryeo . In the photo,Daejong of Goryeois singing affectionately, andDaejong of Goryeohas some loose change in his hat in front of him. The unknown netizen thinks that he has fallen into such a trap? Actually,Daejong of Goryeois just shooting a new music video for his new song "I'm tired but I have no way out".



The separatedLiu KangandDaejong of Goryeoare not as famous as before, but they are still developing. And the income is also quite good, over ten million years old. In terms of life, both of them have got married and had their own families.


Liu Kang sang the popular song "miss youth" which was recorded in the video above. In addition to singing,Daejong of Goryeooften takes part in public service activities, which is appreciated by many people.




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