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Congratulations from koi by zhao liying at the launch event of zhejiang satellite tv

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 Linkeddb News November 8& have spent Zhejiang satellite TV held a TV drama in hangzhou Your time and mine The premiere of the show, People also ask , Haoming Yu , Xiwen Cao , Meng Rui , Lin Yuan , Fanfei liu All the leading actors were present. Just announced the good news Zhao Liying Also specially prepared a surprise, parachuted into the scene of a multiple award-winning beautiful koi to the conference, meaning "koi sent good news," for the upcoming new drama to send their own good wishes.

Zhejiang satellite TV's Your time and mine is based on famous writers Ding Mo Novel of the same name, tells the story of costume designer shallow because Lin were accidentally veterans "LiZhiCheng" (People also ask) was saved, and then, because of work and become attached to, two People in "of the business, hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder against foreign attack, eventually create national brand" the whole "story, the whole atmosphere relaxed sweet, very accord with current young audience demand for sweet pet show.

3. Xiwen Cao red lip field is powerful. JPG

The theme singerKym (singer)It turned out that Haoming Yu was the one who knew Zhao Liying best

Previously, zhejiang satellite TV launched a series of pre-heating video through its official micro blog, which triggered netizens' expectations, while the story of the drama's protagonist Lin shuai, who is highly similar to Zhao Liying himself, has become a hot topic among netizens in recent years. Therefore, a game was set up at the conference. When the roses fell on hands, we had to say something about the similarity between Zhao Liying and Lin shai. When the roses were introduced into Haoming Yu's hands, under the influence of mischievous him, all the descriptions went sideways, ranging from "good-looking" to "all women", perfectly avoiding the key points, which also made the audience laugh. At the end of the game, Haoming Yu ends Yu Zheng After a visit, it was said that the most similar place of Zhao Liying and Lin shaoyu was "love to eat spicy food", which made people sigh that he was very good at observation. He was even more familiar with Zhao Liying than his friend Meng Rui of ten years.

JPG People also ask for umbrella smiles in the rain

After the game, with the warm atmosphere of the scene, the surprise appearance ofKym (singer)will be pushed to the climax. She performed the theme song "Your time and mine" live. TheRapture The sweet, ethereal voice is moving. Viewers and the media, who also got access to the show's sweet first love via the song rainture, said it was worth their trip.

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4. Prince Meng Rui temperament. JPG

People also ask the field teaching of sincere attitude towards young girls direct most appreciate Zhao Liying

People also ask plays li zhicheng in "Your time and mine", a veteran soldier. In order to help the family business transition, he chooses to innovate the brand design, revitalize the enterprise and subsidiaries, and become the legendary President of the shopping mall with the strategy in the battlefield. However, in the previously released trailer, what triggered the hot discussion on the Internet is not the position of the sincere President, but his unusual way of showing his love, a "you are like the 95-type automatic rifle, in the battlefield I can rely on you", the fans direct call "Sue to the legs soft".

In the press conference scene, People also asked that he would not touch the audience. He did a lot of ACTS just to give the girl a sense of security, which instantly caused the female audience to scream. After People also ask once said is favorite actress Zhao Liying, and when asked about the can and Zhao Liying soaring play together, have what feelings, he said: "li YingJie is not a star, it is a good actor, she had a great influence on work earnest rigorous attitude to me, she also in life take care of me like a big sister." This speech was immediately questioned by Haoming Yu. The two men had in-depth discussions on the title of "big sister" or "little sister". The interesting mutual hatred made the whole conference go on in a relaxed atmosphere.

 Haoming Yu claimed to entertain fans by singing a live vocal episode with his brother, People also ask

Haoming Yu was the "atmosphere responsible" in the whole conference. During the on-site comments on the clothes of the model, he made fun of People also ask "should not be President but should be sales" and demonstrated how the President should promote clothes in person. And when the host asked him to introduce his character, he used the word "doormat" to describe it and explained: "in the show he has been asked to do this and that, without complaint, is doormat." Another protagonist of the event, People also ask wen yan, immediately turned his head and hugged Haoming Yu, blocking off the deputy general manager's "complaint" with actual actions, and the fraternal love between the two caused a kind laugh.

In addition, Haoming Yu performed a short live vocal solo for the TV series "Your time and mine". As fans happily picked up their phones to record the moment, Haoming Yu's singing stopped, leaving fans in tears and laughter.


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