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Golden job' ekin cheng jordan chan wuhu sings the new version of friendship years rekindled the innocent and passionate love of youth

Star connection September 14Recently, the film Golden Job "Exposed by Ekin Cheng, , Jordan Chan , Michael Tse , Chin Ka lok - , Jerry Lamb A new version of "years of friendship", resung in cantonese by five brothers, has triggered numerous memories. A lot of net friends shout directly: "this is my youth". Five people who have been brothers for 20 years are reunited on screen in the September 21 release of Golden Job.

Five tigers sing the new "friendship years" set off memories to kill

"Years of friendship" is like the title of the song, which records the "years of friendship" of each generation. In the show's opening trailer,Ekin Cheng,is teaming up withJordan Chanonce again, with a double upgrade in terms of friendship skills. The two of them fight together and complement each other like brothers. Now looking back, I find that this song arouses the youth of youth with no place to put. The youth of 16 or 17 years old is the first time to find the precious friendship because of the brothers and sisters who beat out and mix up. "Friendship years" is the youth of countless people, but also one of the most irreplaceable classics of the post-80s generation.

In the movie "Golden Job," five sons are reunited and sing together "years of friendship." Before this, no one has ever thought of to hear again after 20 years five singing this song, because every time I see them, just like to see himself as a young, the silly and Bohemian himself, that a face of blood frivolous, regardless of the consequences for brother desperately yourself, that, in order to like them and do countless stupid myself. They are the best representatives of youth.

Chan Kwong wing - Once again, the classic old song has a new flavor because of Golden Job

Twenty years later, the world has changed, only the "friendship years". In the newly released Hong Kong trailer, the golden five brothers have turned against each other, and there are betrayers among them. There are hot fighting and fierce car chase scene, as well as the brothers involved in the mutual help and support, so that people are moved. The friendship years, by Chan Kwong - wing teacher again arranger, memories with the taste of more mature, and gold five brother's voice was from the persistence, dazed and confused now become the only constant is their fraternal love, just like the lyrics of "running in the wind and rain, wake up and drunk, all stories like silence years" no matter too much young, no matter you I was dazed and confused or white-haired, as long as the friendship years a ring, I can remember, you and me is a lifetime of good brothers.

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