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The movie' three killed magic 'opens tomorrow and ting anne hits the hero gate with ekin cheng.

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Linkeddb News November 8By actorsTing AnneStarring in Three killed Magic "" will be released nationwide on nov 9. In the film, Ting Anne plays wang shu Roman Tam ( Ekin Cheng The wife, who seems to be living a happy life, has a secret waiting to be revealed. However, the key words such as beauty, wisdom and ruthlessness in wang shu make people curious about her role. How will she present such a character with multiple characteristics? The audience is also full of expectations for Ting Anne's performance.

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Gentle and fierce interpretation of multiaspect features & NBSP; & have spent Ting Anne is expected to be a fan

The film "Three killed Magic" tells the amazing secret passed down in the "hero gate", which is led by two mysterious sacred vessels. It combines elements of suspense, fantasy and love to create a world of fighting and killing. Seen from the current exposure film trailers, Ting Anne as the king of the corner, warm and malicious folded double figures show, with Roman Tam beaming smile, happy, and when alone, but to a pair of two, eye the swagger and agile action scenes are very grab an eye, it is tempting for the role expectation, what is this? As Ekin Cheng's pillow man, is she "faithful" or "treacherous"? Is it true or false?

Ting Anne unrestrained life attitude pursuit of self & NBSP; & have spent Accumulate over the years with actual strength to speak for oneself

As an actress, Ting Anne has been known in the entertainment industry since her debut as a "desperate woman" and a "cast female model". God of War Zhao Zilong "," Battle of the Nu River "," TheLoversLies "And so many representative works, can be said to be a strength for their own endorsement of the actor. In fact, she also has her own views on acting. "only those who are good at acting can stand up". Therefore, she is not shy in idol dramas, emotional dramas and period dramas, because she believes that only when works with a larger span and higher difficulty can she burst out stronger potential, which is why Ting Anne can swim freely in the works and immerse herself in the characters. Legend tycoon "," Peacekeeping infantry battalion "And other works in the audience gave a wonderful performance.

It is reported that the film "Three killed Magic" will have its national premiere on November 9. Let's walk into the cinema to see Ting Anne's big screen charm.

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