The Rise of Phoenixes ending episode Feng Zhiwei suicided.Ni Ni issued a text: Feng Zhiwei tried her best.

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Ni Yi become the emperor

The Chinese costume drama  The Rise of Phoenixes,which was bought by Netflix is broadcast. With the deepening of the plot, the feelings of Feng Zhiwei and Ning Yi gradually became clear, but one of them is a former orphan, and the other is a prince, there are too many grudges between them.so the tragic ending was doomed just beginning.They loved each other deeply, they can only bear with each other and silently guard each other.So when The Rise of Phoenixes ending episode Ning Yi became the emperor, and wanted to marry with Feng Zhiwei, Feng Zhiwei chose to commit suicide by jumping off the cliff, so that she would not be because of the identity of the former orphans. Then it caused the turmoil in the ruling and opposition, and truly guarded the Jiangshan. After Feng Zhiwei's death, Ni Ni, who plays Feng Zhiwei, also sent a special weibo to say, “I hope that more time will let you see your good, your heart, your sincerity. Know how to do it!”

The Rise of Phoenixes ending is not perfect, but it is very real. After all, the love between Feng Zhiwei and Ning Yi, because of the disparity between the two, is bound to be perfect. Even if it is the protagonist, it is difficult to avoid the historical problems of hatred in the home country. As long as Feng Zhiwei is healthy, the former old minister will not give up his determination to avenge, which is always a threat to Ning Yi. So, in the end, for love, for the future of Ning Yi, Feng Zhiwei committed suicide.

Feng Zhiwei

The Rise of Phoenixes ending episode.

He Lianzheng,who had always loved Feng Zhiwei, even heard the rumor of Feng Zhiwei's "brother", and will shot Feng Zhiwei in the face of Ning Yi, Forcing Ning Yi to killed He Lianzheng.The misunderstanding that led to Feng Zhiwei and Ning Yi 's relationship getting worse and worse.

The firefighter, who claimed to be her brother, only wanted to kill Ning yi and Ning qi. he did not even think about anything for his sister. Before thefirefighter will death, he depend on each other.

That month cooling is extremely jealous of feng zhiwei, thinking that feng zhiwei is always protected, but he has been wandering. After feng knew the true face of that cold month, just understand what is the truth after all.

Ning Yi and Feng Zhiwei

Ning yi is determined to marry with feng zhiwei, but she has gone through so many love and hate entanglements, coupled with the old events that the two cannot throw away. Although she loves ning yi deeply, she knows that she will not be able to accompany him in this life. So she stood on the edge of the cliff and made a little wish that if there was an afterlife, we could all be ordinary people. Ning yi went up to the temple of chengming alone in the snow. Only wish all peace in the world. At that time, ning yi would smile and leave, and she would see feng...

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