Mission impossible 6: full collapse' reveals the 'legendary road' special with a full review of the first five episodes.

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Today, the Hollywood action adventure epic, the classic agent series Mission Impossible 6: full collapse In this special episode of "the road to legend," video looks back at all the classic elements of the first five films: the technology - inspired on-off equipment, the ability to change into anyone's body, the group members who have a strong sense of humor 22 years' worth of Mission: Impossible "Memory, this wave of" memory killing "instant burning hot blood. "Mission Impossible 6: full collapse" was released across the country on August 31. The line of fire was reignited.

Tom cruise pushes the limits of his squad skills

The new episode highlights the first five episodes ofMission: Impossiblesince 1996, featuring a variety of adrenaline-pumping equipment and thrillers. Under the leadership of desperately sholang Tom, it is impossible for the entire task force to open. Rebecca Ferguson Playing the disc girl ilsa, sexy cold but soft and fresh, vigorous action to make the enemy; Luther, played by wen Remus, is a computer genius who, as a superhacker, is equally skilled in his use of force. Simon Pegg Bangui can be called the team fun act, high technical and humorous lovely, lovely fans. They and Tom cruise have formed the strongest team of agents, and they have a wonderful Mission to attack. In "Mission Impossible 6: full collapse", they will face an unprecedented strong enemy, and a fierce battle will break out. & have spent

The advanced equipment opens the imagination easy to contain the magic weapon high energy to change the face

The special issue also takes a look at the high-tech gadgets of the five previous films, including the time-bomb chewing gum, which appeared in its first work 22 years ago. In addition to that, there are master keys that can unlock any door, holographic mission goggles that burn after reading, and 3D face-scanning pancakes that can be photographed instantly, helping cruise to become spider-man and climb the tower's "suction gloves." These imaginative, high-tech designs are awe-inspiring. While almost everyMission: Impossiblemovie will appear as a high-energy artifact, the mask of yi rong. Tom cruise's 22 years of face-changing highlights are amazing. The precision masks made by technology help Tom cruise and Simon transform into anyone, creating the perfect face-changing scene and becoming the classic equipment terrier that fans are fond of talking about. It is Impossible for the task force to have these equipment, and the equipment has become an important "role" in theMission: Impossiblemovie series. When the equipment is upgraded in 2018, we will see what magical tools of imagination will emerge.

"Mission Impossible 6: full collapse" was produced by Paramount pictures. Christopher McQuarrie Directed, Tom Cruise , Henry Cavill , Simon Pegg, Rebecca Ferguson, wen Remus, Sean Harris , Angela Bassett , Vanessa Kirby , Michelle Monaghan , Alec Baldwin , Wes Bentley , Fred Rick Schmidt Wait for the leading role, will arrive on national institute line on August 31.

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