Sierra lee canceled! the response of jiaxing media is so buddhist!

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Recently, Sierra Lee, The name has been hanging on the hot search, how did not fall from the hot search!Sierra Lee,has always kept a low profile, so why on earth did it hang on the search engine this time?

On July 31, a netizen found that Sierra Lee's weibo certification changed from "actor signed by jiaxing media" to "actor". Later, it said thatSierra Lee,had expired his five-year contract with jiaxing media, which may have been terminated. On August 1,Sierra Lee,said on his microblog, "thank you for meeting each other, thank you for traveling together," in what appeared to be a response.

In response to the incident, a staff member of the bank was contacted by the media, who confirmed thatSierra Lee,had broken off the contract with the bank and said: "xirui has some thoughts on her future career planning and development, and the company is very supportive of her going out into the world."

Jiashan must be known to netizens The Mini Yang Established company. Numerous Zhi ZhouThe Mini Yangtreats his artistes very preferential treatment all the time. Hence the image Dilraba Dilmurat Such as a series of small fresh meat, basically as long as Mini Yang's artists, can play one or two roles in Mini Yang's plays, to gain certain popularity.

Sierra Lee has produced a number of films at the bank in recent years, and the ratings have been good. However,Sierra Lee,is still not warm and hot. Compared with this kind of promotion, the bank is obviously more willing to focus on the new people, andSierra Lee,should be aware of this problem. Therefore, the termination of the contract is a good choice for both sides.

It may be harder to leave Sierra Lee, but hopefully she can figure out where she's going to grow, and there will be fans who love her anyway. After all, there aren't many artists who haven't hyped their ease. I hope she can do her job well and keep this indifferent heart!

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