I stand on the bridge to see the scenery' Jiang Chao pet sister Sierra Lee is cured of love to pass positive energy youth

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Mango TV idol drama " I stand on the bridge to see the scenery, " the official file January 23, the play by Jiang Chao , Sierra Lee , Hanchen Pang , Ruixian He , Zhao Xudong , Song Yi Xing starring "scenery" A sweet story of healing old affection with companionship and understanding. In the play, Jiang Chao plays the young overbearing president of a gaming company, and Sierra Lee plays a high-value overbearing coach at Kendo Hall. When the "hegemony president" met "hegemony girl", in order to win the favor, the treasure is cheap and continue, the performance of all kinds of "childish ghosts" can not help but lifts; and painful past torture coach, with the warm President of the heart, "overbearing" but not a strong pursuit and companionship, finally opened his heart and opened a new life.

我在桥上看风景 Jiang Chao

In the play, healing, growth, pet, humor and other elements are also revealed for the first time, Jiang Chao, Sierra Lee awkward "bed play", forehead to kill, kendo boom ...... Dogs president alternative pets Dafa light sweet is not "greasy" Winter brings a gust of healing. At the same time exposure of a group of single posters, four posters, the main colors of different highlights their own personality, while the splash ink pigment halo thoughts, dazzled the heart of each person silently guardian "bridge lover."

我在桥上看风景 Sierra Lee

"Look at the scenery" story without dog blood-like intrigues, the characters in the play is facing a variety of life crises; nor superhuman like turn the tide, but with a sincere feeling to resolve each other's knot. Even if Luo Zhi and Jiang Ruyu (Ruixian He ornaments) hold the "rival power", nor did it mean to vandalize the feelings of others. In addition, interspersed with witty humor, adorable cute baby Meng, relaxed "slow" emotional healing contemporary urban people tired heart.

Viewing the scenery not only presents innocent and warmhearted love, but also portrays feelings of friendship, blood and affection, and young entrepreneurs who now fight for their dreams. The drama strives to convey to the audience the love interaction among the people through the various fetters encountered by the characters in the play and their positive efforts to finally resolve the difficulties.

"I stand on the bridge to see the scenery," "pet", "cure", "growth" fresh elements and Hunan Satellite TV New Year "Hi 18" positive energy pose brilliantly, in the cold and winter for the audience to bring a warm cure open Years drama. Coming soon on January 23 every Tuesday, Wednesday night at 24:00 in the mango TV synchronization update, then with you "more" to see the most beautiful scenery.

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